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Иконка для Traveler by FlightStats 1.7

Traveler by FlightStats (v. 1.7)

FlightStats опубликовал приложение 2013-01-04
(обновлено 2013-01-04)

FlightStats Traveler provides quick access to flight, airport and airline status for business and leisure travelers. This application has global coverage and is the most feature-rich free Android travel app on the market with features that include:

Flight Tracking

· Check flight status by flight number, route or airport
· Flight on-a-map tracker
· Save a flight for 1-button status updates

Save Trip Details
· Create and save complete itinerary (flights, hotels, cars)
· Sync trip details with TripIt ® via an $1.99 upgrade
· Share itineraries with friends, family and co-workers

Global Airport Information

· View airport arrivals and departures
· Airport address, lat/long, current time and time zone
· Worldwide airport delay information and delay maps
· Local weather conditions
· Google Map view of airport
· Save your favorite airports for fast reference

Airline Information

· Web and mobile website links
· Reservation phone numbers
· Save your favorite airlines for fast reference

For travelers that want an ad-free version of FlightStats Traveler, the FlightStats for Android App, released in May 2009, will still be available for purchase.

Иконка для XE Currency 2.0.6

XE Currency (v. 2.0.6)

XE.com Inc. опубликовал приложение 2012-12-31
(обновлено 2012-12-31)

Convert every world currency with the XE Currency App – Free Edition. It offers live proprietary currency rates and charts, and even stores the last updated rates so it works when the Internet doesn't. This easy-to-use currency calculator has received over 14 million downloads and has been featured by the BBC, the LA Times, CNN, and The Travel Channel!

- Every world currency & precious metals
- Live proprietary rates refresh every minute
- 30,000+ currency charts for historic rates
- Rate high & lows for multiple time frames
- Calculate prices with the currency converter
- Simultaneously monitor up to 10 currencies
- Our rates are trusted by millions of people

- Shake your device to reset rates
- Set the frequency of rate updates
- Turn currency symbols on or off
- Pin your base currency to the top

- Stores the last updated rates
- Convert prices without internet access

We want to make XE Currency better. Please send feedback to: android@xe.com

Иконка для London City Guide 3.4

London City Guide (v. 3.4)

TripAdvisor опубликовал приложение 2012-12-28
(обновлено 2012-12-28)

Going to London? Get this FREE city guide, a personal trip advisor in your pocket.   With restaurants, attractions, hotels and TripAdvisor reviews you love, stored in the app, all available offline -- no data roaming charges!

Key reasons millions of travelers love this app:

Need we say more? Download the app now, there’s absolutely no risk, and we’re sure you’ll love it!

There is no need for a live data connection while using this app, as everything is stored on your phone, after you do an initial update. This means you won’t be charged for expensive data roaming, and the app is super fast to use. You can update user reviews periodically when you are on WiFi.

All places that are listed on TripAdvisor.com in this city are included in the app.

TripAdvisor’s community of millions of worldwide travelers ensures that content is fresh, plentiful and honest. With over 50 million reviews and thousands more added daily, City Guides offer the best and most recent content.

TripAdvisor members and destination experts have handpicked the best itineraries in the city for you, enabling you to explore interesting neighborhoods, famous landmarks and hidden gems. Using the phone's GPS, you can follow along and read about  the interesting sights along the route.

Want to remember the places you visit? It is now easy to do this with TripAdvisor City Guides.  Simply Check In, take a photo and add a note for each location, and your journal and travel album will be created for you automatically.  You can share it with friends and family on Facebook, or just use it to remember your trip.  And, you can even Check In while you are offline and share later when you are online.

Searching for pizza around Times Square? Coffee near the Eiffel Tower? Or do you just want to find a highly recommended place near you? With this app you can easily search any way you want, and find exactly what’s best for you and your travel companions.

Once you have selected a restaurant or attraction, this app will guide you there using the fun & useful “Point Me There” screen, which uses the phone’s GPS and Compass.

Written by TripAdvisor members and edited by professionals, City Facts articles provide helpful information for when you plan your trip, such as when to go, how to get around in the city, what neighborhoods to visit, etc.

This app leverages the GPS in the phone to show you the best restaurant, attractions etc nearby. The app also uses the compass to guide you to a place once you selected it

Иконка для FlightAware Flight Tracker 3.2.5

FlightAware Flight Tracker (v. 3.2.5)

FlightAware LLC опубликовал приложение 2012-11-26
(обновлено 2012-11-26)

Free, live flight tracker and flight status app from FlightAware for Android!

This app allows you to track the real-time flight status and see the live map flight track of any commercial flight worldwide and general aviation (private, charter, etc) in the United States and Canada.

Track by aircraft registration, route, airline, flight number, city pair, or airport code. Tracking data includes complete flight details and full-screen maps with NEXRAD radar overlay.

Receive real-time push notification flight alerts, view airport delays, see nearby flights (in the sky overhead), and more!

We're excited to be in the Android Market and expect to make many releases in the coming days and weeks.

Please send your feedback to support-android@flightaware.com

Иконка для United Airlines 1.0

United Airlines (v. 1.0)

United Airlines опубликовал приложение 2012-10-23
(обновлено 2012-10-23)

United Airlines is proud to introduce our new mobile app for Android devices.  With features from Flight Booking to Flight Status, the United Airlines Mobile App will quickly become your indispensable travel companion.

Key Features:
• Check-in and Mobile Boarding Pass storage – quick access so you’re ready on the go.
• Flight Booking – book your flights, including Award Travel, from your mobile device.
• Flight Status – see upgrade priority list, seat map, in-flight amenities, as well as departure gate.
• Flight Status Push Notification – monitor a selected flight and receive automatic updates sent to your device.
• Account Access – view your Mileage Plus® account information.
• Airport Maps – zoom in on maps to help you navigate through the airport.
• Flight View – see flight maps of current flight status and weather.

Additional features include United Club locations, United social media networking information, DIRECTV® and Sudoku games.

The United Airlines Mobile App puts valuable travel information in the palm of your hand, ready to access at a moment’s notice.

Иконка для Atlas 2013 FREE 1.5

Atlas 2013 FREE (v. 1.5)

Appventions опубликовал приложение 2012-10-17
(обновлено 2014-12-02)


View quality World Maps conveniently and easily on your Android Device!

Features Up-To-Date World Maps!

Did you know?
South Sudan became the world's 195th country following separation from Sudan on 9 July 2011

Carry your pocket Atlas wherever you go for a quick reference.

*** FEATURES ***
- Full Screen maps
- OFFLINE maps. No Internet connection is required.

- Political World Map
- Map of North America
- Map of Europe
- Bonus World Time Zones

A quick reference Atlas that will allow you to quickly locate countries such as United Kingdom, United States, Australia, India, France, Germany, Thailand, China, India and many more!

- Press the 'Menu' button on your device to view the Map Selection Menu.

Users Love Atlas 2013

Perfect Excellent educational tool.
-  Nora

Nice map of the world. Like how you can move through the map with ease. It's simple enough to do the job.
- Gerardo

... I like this app...its very handy and useful.
- Handsome beast

Download Atlas 2013 today and start viewing world maps conveniently on your device!

Try it for Free today!

Иконка для 休息一夏 - 我的遊樂地圖 4.01

休息一夏 - 我的遊樂地圖 (v. 4.01)

Sam Lu опубликовал приложение 2012-09-29
(обновлено 2012-09-29)





★ 玩家級旅遊資訊
★ 自行推薦景點
★ 地圖上顯示周遭景點
★ 雷達圖顯示附近玩家
★ 圖隨人轉加路徑規劃
★ 加景點到我的最愛
★ 瀏覽附近、最新、熱門景點
★ 瀏覽行程
★ 可給評價與回應
★ 用叭噗求助附近玩家或聊天
★ 分享螢幕截圖
★ 自動轉貼到facebook,Plurk
★ 透過Email或簡訊分享景點給朋友
★ 支援中文語音輸入,用講的嘛ㄟ通

Map LBS qk Compass SMS

Иконка для Skyscanner - All Flights!

Skyscanner - All Flights! (v.

Skyscanner.net опубликовал приложение 2012-09-16
(обновлено 2012-09-16)


Flight search from Skyscanner

All flights, everywhere!

Need a cheap flight, fast? Compare over 1000 budget and scheduled airlines and more than 1,000,000 routes around the world in seconds with the free Skyscanner Android app; saves money, saves time. Buy air tickets direct from airlines or travel agents and get the best deals. It’s simple, independent and finds the lowest fares with a few quick taps, wherever you want to fly.

Why Download the Skyscanner Android app?

• Skyscanner is the world’s best flight site
• Search every flight anywhere in the world
• Search over 1000 airlines and travel agents
• Find ALL your flight options in one easy app
• Busy? Email flight details to yourself for later
• Joint trip? Share your flight details with friends, family or colleagues with one tap
• Skyscanner is 100% independent and shows ALL airlines including low cost carriers and scheduled airlines
• Available in 28 languages
• It’s FREE!

What the press say about Skyscanner:

“Flexible, fair and fearsomely indispensable.” – The Guardian

“Lightning-fast; it’s easy to use, and has some brilliant gizmos.” – The Sunday Times

“Superb search choices [and a] high number of fast results. A great, flexible site." – Which?

“If you're really looking for the lowest airfares, the Skyscanner system is by far the most useful.” – USA Today

Download the Skyscanner app now for free!

Иконка для GPS Navigation BE-ON-ROAD 3.8.24442

GPS Navigation BE-ON-ROAD (v. 3.8.24442)

Aponia Software Ltd. опубликовал приложение 2012-09-10
(обновлено 2014-10-09)

GPS FREE Offline Map & Navigation which allows concurrent usage of OpenStreetMap (FREE geographic data),  NAVTEQ Maps (top quality map data provider) or local map providers.

Navigation which is EASY TO USE. Maps are stored on the phone for offline use. Both app and maps are updated for free.

FREE license for OpenStreetMap and 7-DAYS TRIAL for commercial licenses and traffic.

* open be-on-road navigation
* on some devices you will be ask to choose the installation folder
* wait until application finishes downloading and installing data
* choose application language and speaker for voice guidance, you can also register your e-mail address if you wish
* in the "Serial numbers" menu click on the "+" button
* enter your purchased serial number/s or alternatively click on one of the trial licenses whose functionality is limited to 7 days (you don't need to activate all of them) or on unlimited license for OpenStreetMaps (free maps)
* after successful activation of serial number, the "Download" will be opened
* choose maps you want to install - you can only install maps that have a serial number activated
* click on the "Refresh" button in the bottom-right corner to start download and installation
* close "Download" menu and start using be-on-road navigation when installation is finished

Иконка для AirAsia 1.9.1

AirAsia (v. 1.9.1)

Mobile Travel Technologies Ltd опубликовал приложение 2012-09-04
(обновлено 2012-09-04)

Brand new AirAsia app for Android

Get quick & easy access to bookings, check-ins and other AirAsia flight services with the AirAsia Mobile app!
This mobile app is available to everyone and is accessible anywhere in the world. Below are the functions available within the app.

* Book a Flight - Book and pay for your flights via mobile
* My Bookings - View your current bookings
* My Account - Manage your AirAsia account
* Mobile Check-in - Avoid the queues, check-in via mobile
* Flight Info - View flight times
* Flight Schedules - View flight timetables
* Promo & Updates (Coming Soon!!)
* Multi Language Support
  - English
  - Malaysian
  - Indonesian
  - Thai
  - Chinese
  - Korean
  - Japanese

And best of all, we will be expanding the available features within the AirAsia Mobile App! As we continue to grow, so will the feature on this app. So what are you waiting for, download the AirAsia Mobile App today!

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