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Brand new AirAsia app for Android

Get quick & easy access to bookings, check-ins and other AirAsia flight services with the AirAsia Mobile app!
This mobile app is available to everyone and is accessible anywhere in the world. Below are the functions available within the app.

* Book a Flight - Book and pay for your flights via mobile
* My Bookings - View your current bookings
* My Account - Manage your AirAsia account
* Mobile Check-in - Avoid the queues, check-in via mobile
* Flight Info - View flight times
* Flight Schedules - View flight timetables
* Promo & Updates (Coming Soon!!)
* Multi Language Support
  - English
  - Malaysian
  - Indonesian
  - Thai
  - Chinese
  - Korean
  - Japanese

And best of all, we will be expanding the available features within the AirAsia Mobile App! As we continue to grow, so will the feature on this app. So what are you waiting for, download the AirAsia Mobile App today!


Закачек: >250000
Размер: 1.2 MB
Опубликовано: 2012-09-04
Обновлено: 2012-09-04

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Комментарии и оценки пользователей для AirAsia

[2012-07-09] Benny:
2012 Cheapest Award Airliner in the world need to have our personnel travel history not just the computer code... more detail of the our flight detail .. need more improvement .. cheap flight us like that what,we can do.. so airasia was voter 2012 cheapest airliner in the world ... lol.. cheap it mean you get this type of service lol
[2012-07-09] Bhavin:
Cannot select date!
[2012-07-08] pixiecorpse:
No available promos Even if Airasia has announced them on papers and on web.
[2012-07-08] Mohammad Ibad:
not working in ICS It's working before when my phone used 2.3, after i update to 4.0.4, it's stop working..
[2012-07-07] KM:
Galaxy Nexus ICS Developer, Please fix this app.
[2012-07-07] kok leong:
unRealistically stupid Booking number? Really? Who remembers booking number????????
[2012-07-06] Jas:
Incomplete apps Lot of features not available.need to remember booking number even after login. Then what is the purpose of login.
[2012-07-06] Bryan:
Bugs bugs... Pls fix Depature airport went missing after selecting arrival airport... N many more. Pls find out more...
[2012-07-06] Azzuan:
Helped alot!! Though limited funtionality, but helped alot..
[2012-07-06] Jeff:
Good Bagus
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