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Icon for GPS Navigation BE-ON-ROAD 3.8.24442 GPS Navigation BE-ON-ROAD (v. 3.8.24442)
Разработано Aponia Software Ltd.

GPS FREE Offline Map & Navigation which allows concurrent usage of OpenStreetMap (FREE geographic data),  NAVTEQ Maps (top quality map data provider) or local map providers.

Navigation which is EASY TO USE. Maps are stored on the phone for offline use. Both app and maps are updated for free.

FREE license for OpenStreetMap and 7-DAYS TRIAL for commercial licenses and traffic.

* open be-on-road navigation
* on some devices you will be ask to choose the installation folder
* wait until application finishes downloading and installing data
* choose application language and speaker for voice guidance, you can also register your e-mail address if you wish
* in the "Serial numbers" menu click on the "+" button
* enter your purchased serial number/s or alternatively click on one of the trial licenses whose functionality is limited to 7 days (you don't need to activate all of them) or on unlimited license for OpenStreetMaps (free maps)
* after successful activation of serial number, the "Download" will be opened
* choose maps you want to install - you can only install maps that have a serial number activated
* click on the "Refresh" button in the bottom-right corner to start download and installation
* close "Download" menu and start using be-on-road navigation when installation is finished


Закачек: >250000
Размер: 6.2 MB
Опубликовано: 2012-09-10
Обновлено: 2014-10-09

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Системное имя пакета: cz.aponia.bor3

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[2013-08-16] A Google User:
No map There is no map in the map list. Looking for north America map.
[2013-08-15] A Google User:
Wont work on Kyocera hydro Can not enter the address nor will the maps show up. Plus it took for ever too download the maps. UNINSTALLED!
[2013-08-15] A Google User:
Ok Good
[2013-08-15] A Google User:
So cool Yeah
[2013-08-15] A Google User:
[2013-08-14] A Google User:
BUGS To Enter address is bad. Will not change to enter numbers. So to find address is impassible. Even to enter intersection you can't do it. It shows some major ones that not even near what you want. Very Slow to download stuff from server. To start Navigation sometimes don't work it just sit there with open map or it takes to long. I don't see any alternative route. It was just waist of my time to try this software. ................................................................................................... I don't see it a 5 stars that some gives for this software.
[2013-08-13] A Google User:
Don't bother Way to complex!!!
[2013-08-13] A Google User:
Guna bahasa Malaysia lah lagu bagus
[2013-08-13] A Google User:
Terrible app Did not work at all for me!
[2013-08-13] A Google User:
Arabic voice Is there arabic voice to guide ?
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