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Going to London? Get this FREE city guide, a personal trip advisor in your pocket.   With restaurants, attractions, hotels and TripAdvisor reviews you love, stored in the app, all available offline -- no data roaming charges!

Key reasons millions of travelers love this app:

Need we say more? Download the app now, there’s absolutely no risk, and we’re sure you’ll love it!

There is no need for a live data connection while using this app, as everything is stored on your phone, after you do an initial update. This means you won’t be charged for expensive data roaming, and the app is super fast to use. You can update user reviews periodically when you are on WiFi.

All places that are listed on in this city are included in the app.

TripAdvisor’s community of millions of worldwide travelers ensures that content is fresh, plentiful and honest. With over 50 million reviews and thousands more added daily, City Guides offer the best and most recent content.

TripAdvisor members and destination experts have handpicked the best itineraries in the city for you, enabling you to explore interesting neighborhoods, famous landmarks and hidden gems. Using the phone's GPS, you can follow along and read about  the interesting sights along the route.

Want to remember the places you visit? It is now easy to do this with TripAdvisor City Guides.  Simply Check In, take a photo and add a note for each location, and your journal and travel album will be created for you automatically.  You can share it with friends and family on Facebook, or just use it to remember your trip.  And, you can even Check In while you are offline and share later when you are online.

Searching for pizza around Times Square? Coffee near the Eiffel Tower? Or do you just want to find a highly recommended place near you? With this app you can easily search any way you want, and find exactly what’s best for you and your travel companions.

Once you have selected a restaurant or attraction, this app will guide you there using the fun & useful “Point Me There” screen, which uses the phone’s GPS and Compass.

Written by TripAdvisor members and edited by professionals, City Facts articles provide helpful information for when you plan your trip, such as when to go, how to get around in the city, what neighborhoods to visit, etc.

This app leverages the GPS in the phone to show you the best restaurant, attractions etc nearby. The app also uses the compass to guide you to a place once you selected it


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Комментарии и оценки пользователей для London City Guide

[2012-09-09] Henry:
awesome app saves me from buying a guide book. has everything i need
[2012-09-08] Clarence:
Just what i needed Great recommendations and tips on what to see and what to avoid. Will recommend to friends and other travelers!
[2012-09-07] the 9/7/2012 :
Top stuff... Just get this one, NOW.
[2012-09-07] Auwalu:
Superb Just what I need as a first time visitor to london. The offline mode is what I find most attractive, no need to have a working data connection.
[2012-09-07] John:
Incredible! Offline, so no data usage. Great suggestions and very helpful!!
[2012-09-05] Tarek:
Informative. Easy to use. Made it very easy to organize what to do and where in eat in London. The map isn't as intuitive as Google Maps but it gets the job done.
[2012-09-05] Zhong Chuen:
Excellent All information you ever need to travel around London.
[2012-09-04] Kenny J:
Haven't even left. It's great. Can't wait to use in London.
[2012-09-04] Gove:
Easy Great and easy to use, love the offline usability
[2012-09-04] Anonymous:
Awesome app We had some friends that showed us around London but we also used this app which was awesome. I really rate this app for anyone spending time in London. This along with one of the apps for the tube system is all you need to make a great trip really easy.
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