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Иконка для Palm Finance 1.4.5

Palm Finance (v. 1.4.5)

Denis Kostyukov опубликовал приложение 2013-01-26
(обновлено 2013-01-26)

Convenient and simple program for everyday personal finance management.

1. Maintain income and expense transactions in the context of accounts, currencies and categories.
2. Keeping the directory of accounts in different currencies, displaying the balance.
3. Doing manual rates.
4. Keeping the directory categories of income and expenses.
5. Generating a report on the balance of days from and export to HTML and send email.
6. The selection of operations to date, accounts and categories.
7. Backing up and restoring data.
8. Password protection at the entrance to the application.
9. Copy repetitive operations (long click on the selected operation).
10. Voice input
11. Transfer between accounts
12. Export transactions to a file (CSV) to SD-card, and Google docs.
13. Widget
14. The mechanism of accounts and categories of coloring (the color of the card is assigned an account or category)


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