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Разработано Denis Kostyukov

Convenient and simple program for everyday personal finance management.

1. Maintain income and expense transactions in the context of accounts, currencies and categories.
2. Keeping the directory of accounts in different currencies, displaying the balance.
3. Doing manual rates.
4. Keeping the directory categories of income and expenses.
5. Generating a report on the balance of days from and export to HTML and send email.
6. The selection of operations to date, accounts and categories.
7. Backing up and restoring data.
8. Password protection at the entrance to the application.
9. Copy repetitive operations (long click on the selected operation).
10. Voice input
11. Transfer between accounts
12. Export transactions to a file (CSV) to SD-card, and Google docs.
13. Widget
14. The mechanism of accounts and categories of coloring (the color of the card is assigned an account or category)


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Категория: Финансы
Закачек: 50000-250000
Размер: 1.1 MB
Опубликовано: 2013-01-26
Обновлено: 2013-01-26

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[2012-10-21] LaTonya:
LaTonya Kay Great App!!! Ok soo I use this app on my phone and tablet is there anyway you can add a sync feature? That will make it easier to sync everything instead if inputting the information in twice which is really inconvient. If you could do that it would be great!!!
[2012-10-19] Евгений:
Great! Thank you for the app. Will use and suggest for friends -.-
[2012-10-16] Sts:
IvaSts Constant crashes on Galaxy Tab 2 upon categories management. Author, do improve! App seems good, though.
[2012-10-14] Roger:
A Must Have App I have been using this for several months now and I thoroughly recommend it. Superbly written, easy to use and lets you keep track of all your money. I have all the details of my finances available at all times on both my phone and Tablet. Brilliant!
[2012-09-03] Jair:
Muy buena Ojala le agreguen la opcion de poner gastos topes a cada categoria y que en el listado de categorias venga el balance de cuanto se a gastado por categoria. Con eso me doy por bien servido!!..
[2012-08-03] the 8/25/2012
Best free money app&widget I tried to nearly all other apps looking for the one that answered all my needs: Multiple accounts, widget, editable categories, simplity/flexibility, offline usability, and of course free. Only issue I have is I wish I could display more than one account on widget/multiple widgets. Other than that it's the best hands down.
[2012-07-20] mike:
loove it like to see active realtime sync with gmail act so it you have a lote of tools like cell tablet and web and pc-win you can see your info up to date with all with active realtime sync so any tool you have at the time in your haed at the time you just add new info and its on all and my be pc-win app with this idea i think this app would be number 1 app in mobla world on $$
[2012-07-20] Manuel:
Great! Password protection and easy to it. Samsung admire.
[2012-07-17] Андрей:
Easy to use, powerful Great app! Has everything you need to track your personal finances. Simple and flexible, very easy to understand, very easy and very comfortable to use. Personally, want to see a little brighter and more ICS-styled interface. Would be glad to see others platforms' (web, ios) counterparts with online synchronization. That what would make Palm Finance just perfect for me :)
[2012-07-06] Igor:
The best in class app. But why change interface to this fake 3D style? It makes it look like ios app. Why not ICS style?
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