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Иконка для Seek God for the City 2013 1.0

Seek God for the City 2013 (v. 1.0)

WayMakers опубликовал приложение 2013-03-05
(обновлено 2013-03-05)

Seek God for the City is a prayer app that helps you pray for others in your community during the forty days to Palm Sunday, February 13 to March 24, 2013. You will find daily prayers with biblical clarity and vivid, crisp language. Each of the 40 days gives you ideas to pray for others with confidence and hope. Join many thousands of Christians from different traditions that will be praying these prayers too. Pray God’s highest hopes for your city’s deepest needs.

Dated February 13 to March 24, 2013 for 40 days of united prayer.
Can be used beyond the 40 days — any day of the year.

Based on the best-selling prayer guide, Seek God for the City 2013:
• Prayers of biblical hope based on scriptures from the Old and New Testaments.
• Daily topics of hope building toward one of six weekly themes: Life, Light, Glory, Righteousness, Peace, and the Visitation of God.

A practical, trusted tool:
• Published in printed form and greatly revised each year, Seek God for the City has gained the trust of leaders from many denominations and traditions.
• A tool that has proven year after year to help ordinary Christians learn how to pray with greater confidence and relevant clarity.
• Practical for any kind of community: large cities or small towns.

Pray for everyone in town.
• Connect God's promises with the challenges of your community.
• Focus on the different kinds of people which comprise any community, such as police, pastors, children, the homeless, sick people and many more.
• Prayerwalking ideas: Pray from your device as you prayerwalk your neighborhood.

Pray for the world.
Mention every country in the world, another continent each week. Each day lists a few countries so that at the end of forty days, you’ll have mentioned every country. If your device connects to the internet, tapping on the country will take you to the country’s page of the Operation World website for more helpful info and, for many countries, videos that help you pray.

• Set reminders to help you remember to pray at the times and days that you choose.
• Personalize the app by marking your favorite prayers.
• Search for a prayer with a specific word, phrase, or scripture.
• Easily jump to "Today's Prayer" during the 40 days.
• Choose a prayer or have one randomly selected for you after the 40 days.

User reviews from last year:
“A very helpful launching point for my own prayers”
“I love having the 40-day prayer guide so easily accessible”
“Loved the app. It was so helpful because I always had it with me and could integrate it into my day.”
“Awesome app!!!!! Loved the country guides - made prayer for other nations very exciting.”

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