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Иконка для GolfCard GPS 2.3.3

GolfCard GPS (v. 2.3.3)

Senygma Inc. опубликовал приложение 2011-02-13
(обновлено 2014-04-19)

★★★★★ The most advance GPS based range finder in the world.
★★★★★ Introducing scoring, tournaments, and live leaderboards.
★★★★★ NO EMAIL or PASSWORD required.

IMPORTANT: Google no longer supports backward compatibility or portability between platforms nor do they enforce phone manufacturers to update to the latest version of Google, making it impossible for developers to support all variations. FRAGMENTATION. Android's biggest customer base is Gingerbread (3 YEARS OLD). For us to make GolfCard compatible with all phones again, Google needs to enforce compatibility with all Android phone manufacturers. Contacting us will not fix this problem. You need to contact Google to enforce this, as Google is chasing good developers away with this fragmentation.

We create professional mobile applications for all golfers. We understand that your primary goal is to improve your game, compete against friends, and have fun while you are out playing... not be distracted by the tools you use.

A significant part of the world's courses are mapped out.
Up to 56 markers per hole.
Viewing modes:
● Satellite view
● Traced view (patent pending feature rotate, center, and zoom to always keep the golfer at the bottom of the screen and the green at the top, without any finger touches, even while you are walking).
● Sorted marker list. Arrows point in the direction of each marker and update as you are walking.

● Strokes and putts for up to 8 players. Golfers typically just want the basics cause there’s not enough time between holes to enter several different stats.
● Up to 3 simultaneous side games (any side game you can imagine). You enter the points per hole, and the totals for front, back, and all 18 are all automatic.
● Email the round as nicely formatted HTML.

● Anyone can register a tournament.
● Any number of players can enter a tournament.
● Players can play anywhere in the world. No need to all be at the same course.
● Scoring is net based so players of all skill levels can play against each other.
● Has a live leaderboard to always know everyones score and rank. Anyone can view the leaderboard even if you didn’t enter the tournament. Hook up your device to a TV for all to see in a club house.
● Great for leagues. League leader’s can send an email to get csv data to put into a spread sheet for tracking handicap indices.
● Email the leaderboard as nicely formatted HTML.

Your rounds are stored in the phone, but that does not protect from a lost, broken, or replaced phone. Use a one tap online backup for all your rounds (in-app purchase). Backing up has never been so easy providing you peace of mind that your rounds are safe no matter what happens to your device.

A huge leap in social golfing...
Buddy tracking allows a golfer to publish their current location on a golf course, and also upload messages. Friends and family can watch them from anywhere including home or work. They can also see the latest messages published by the golfer.

While other apps hide fees until you provide an email and password (beware of spam), we take a different approach. No email or password is needed to use all the features of scoring, tournaments, and the range finder. The range finder has an ad banner that we only charge the minimal amount to remove it each year. The second and last thing we charge for is backing up your rounds online. Rounds are always stored in your phone for free, but we can’t guarantee that your phone will never be lost, broken, or replaced. If you choose to use this feature, it is the only time you will need to provide an email and password in order for us to have an account to store your data.

Have a great time golfing.

Иконка для GolfCard Pro 2.2.6

GolfCard Pro (v. 2.2.6)

Senygma Inc. опубликовал приложение 2010-06-05
(обновлено 2011-12-18)

Rated #1 iPhone app by Time Magazine for Father's Day.

The most advanced mobile golf gps and scoring tool for the casual or serious golfer.

-Range finder: traced or satellite images
-Official USGA Handicap Index: subscription required.
-A club bag to track every hit
-Scoring for multiple players
-Analyze detailed trends

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