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Иконка для fxtraq RC

fxtraq (v. RC)

ooboqoo опубликовал приложение 2013-01-28
(обновлено 2013-01-28)

Follow your myfxbook.com account from the palm of your hand. This app uses the world leading forex reporting website API to give you access to your graphs, open positions, pending orders and more.

*** This is stable but beta software, so expect more features to come ***
*** This is stable but beta software, so we greatly value your feedback ***


- list of your accounts with profit, balance, equity and gain
- detailed account view including graph and open trades
- account history by touching a graph
- embedded community outlook
- view cross split by country from community outlook
- live cross rate quotation *** battery warning ***


- fxtraq is NOT a trading platform. It's a nice human readable interface to myfxbook.com API.
- Using this app requires you to log into your myfxbook.com account. We don't store any password! Once your session has been opened, the API makes use of a session ID.
- Forex trading, spread betting and other hazardous money related stuff can be dangerous. Make sure to use money you own.

Иконка для oodds 1.0.0

oodds (v. 1.0.0)

ooboqoo опубликовал приложение 2012-10-19
(обновлено 2012-10-19)

The ooboqoo intelligent bot scans the Internet to retrieve best bookmakers odds. These best odds are low risk, high revenue ones. Based on more than 15 years of sport bet experience, our engine provides usually a 15 to 20 percent expected income.

Using oodds from your Android powered device, you'll get access to the unleashed power of our bot from the palm of your hand. Best of all, this is completely free. Once odds are displayed, select the one you want to bet on, touch it, you're connected to the bookmaker's site. ooboqoo is not a bookmaker by itself, you'll still bet at a regular bookmaker's site. Just before betting you'll be prompted to share the tip with your facebook friends: let's talk about the event you're betting on! This is social sport entertainment.

Available bookmakers:
- Betclic
- Eurobet *
- Parions Web

* Not available in France

Your usual bookmaker is not listed? Ask us to add it! We'll do it.

- English (default)
- French

Tested on:
- HTC Desire
- Motorola Xoom
- official emulators

Please note that you're still liable for all of your bets.

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