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Иконка для Simple Baseball Scoring HD 1.0

Simple Baseball Scoring HD (v. 1.0)

Macrosoft Inc. опубликовал приложение 2012-12-22
(обновлено 2012-12-22)

Simple Baseball Scoring HD is the simplest way to track a baseball (or softball) game. All game inputs are downloaded to SCORINGNATION.com, where you can find your individual and team statistics. From SCORINGNATION.com you can also upload your team information to make scoring on your Android phone even easier. On the website you can create Fan pages so your team, family, and friends can hear about your big game. Team and player information can also be entered and edited on the fly within the application. During the game, an intuitive interview process helps you to record even the most complex plays. Full base runner control means that every stolen base, pick-off and passed ball is tracked. Simple Baseball Scoring HD was rigorously tested to provide optimal input of all situations that occur during the game including balks, runners advancing by wild pitch, catcher interference, assigned errors and so much more.

Иконка для Android baseball Scoring Lite 1.1

Android baseball Scoring Lite (v. 1.1)

Macrosoft Inc. опубликовал приложение 2010-06-04
(обновлено 2010-06-04)

Test for demo only. Please do not download for now !

Sorry for any confusion it has brought to those who have downloaded and tried.

Иконка для BB Demo 1.1

BB Demo (v. 1.1)

Macrosoft Inc. опубликовал приложение 2010-02-13
(обновлено 2010-02-13)

A startup and test for demo only. Please do not download for now !

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