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Иконка для Paradox Factor 1.0.2

Paradox Factor (v. 1.0.2)

Hosted Games опубликовал приложение 2013-08-08
(обновлено 2013-08-08)

What would you change?  Alter your past and future in this thought-provoking and edgy time travel game.  Are you willing to live with the effects that your changes may cause?

Play as a man or a woman as you travel through time in this thought-provoking and edgy time travel game.  Are you willing to live with the effects that your changes may cause?

Иконка для Life of a Wizard 1.0.0

Life of a Wizard (v. 1.0.0)

Hosted Games опубликовал приложение 2013-03-28
(обновлено 2013-03-28)

Write an archmage's autobiography in this 80-year 130,000-word interactive fiction! Play good or evil, man or woman, as you bring peace to the kingdom or take over the world with your sorcery. Brew potions, raise the dead, summon mythical beasts, control men's minds, and blast away your enemies.

"Life of a Wizard" is an epic interactive novel where you control the main character. In each chapter, your choices determine how the story proceeds.

Will you find romance, get married, or have children? Will you become the arch-mage, grand bishop, nature-loving druid, hardened battle-mage or even an undead lich? The choice is yours!

Иконка для Way Walkers: University 1.1.0

Way Walkers: University (v. 1.1.0)

Hosted Games опубликовал приложение 2013-01-31
(обновлено 2013-01-31)

In a metaphysics driven society where freewill is law, your choices are your own as you attend the most prestigious of magical schools. Learn to master psychic Ability, fight monsters, argue with an Angel, cut classes, befriend unusual races, chase ghosts, and navigate through an exciting city full of in depth characters in an exquisitely detailed world.

Иконка для Zombie Exodus 2.0.3

Zombie Exodus (v. 2.0.3)

Hosted Games опубликовал приложение 2013-01-22
(обновлено 2015-04-29)

Build your character and fight your way out of a zombie-filled city to save your sister in this interactive horror fiction story. Gather supplies and weapons while avoiding the military, bandits, and living dead. Your choices alone control the story.

Иконка для Marine Raider 1.1.0

Marine Raider (v. 1.1.0)

Hosted Games опубликовал приложение 2011-12-18
(обновлено 2011-12-18)

Lead a platoon of elite Marine Raiders! Battle an intractable enemy during WW2! Choose your battle-plan, select your weapons and if need be fix your bayonets. You'll wade ashore during a daring nighttime landing or plunge into frantic close-quarters fire-fights in this thrilling text-based game.

Иконка для Land of Three Classes 1.1.0

Land of Three Classes (v. 1.1.0)

Hosted Games опубликовал приложение 2011-12-16
(обновлено 2011-12-16)

You have spent years of learning the arts of a magician, trained for the swiftness of a rogue and did endless hours of swordfighting.Now your time has come to put it all to the test. Your day of examination has finaly come. Can you solve the riddles, beat the monsters and do the trickery that is needed to pass? You enter the maze and are left to your own devices. In the next room you can already here the patter of feet on the ground...

In the style of interactive books, the player is put in a fantasy world. In a maze like dungeon he goes from room to room in the search of the exit. The game itself is text based and all input is done via multiple choice. Nonetheless the game is complex in its own way, it allows solving riddles in more than just one way. The player (YOU), can chose what kind of profession he prefers. Whether to fight or to trick or use to magics. In a retro style you even get hand drawn Pen&Paper like glimpses of your surroundings. If you are stuck - you pray to god for help. Once you DO reach the exit your doings will be evaluated. Can you become a MASTER?

Иконка для Imprisoned 1.1.0

Imprisoned (v. 1.1.0)

Hosted Games опубликовал приложение 2011-11-29
(обновлено 2011-11-29)

Use your incredible wits, fantastic skills and/or magnificent strength to choose your way out of a heavily guarded prison! Reveal the secrets of the dungeon, meet the mysterious co-prisoner and determine who's responsible for your arrest. Grab your gear and prepare yourself for a hard fantasy quest. Remember, escaping from a prison is not a task for kids or grannies!

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