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Иконка для Video Live Wallpaper 0.84b

Video Live Wallpaper (v. 0.84b)

C.C.P. Cre@ions опубликовал приложение 2010-12-14
(обновлено 2011-10-30)

Set your own video as a live wallpaper!

You need your own video to make this live wallpaper useful. Please see the app's help and visit the app's website to learn what formats are best and to get sample videos.

Live wallpapers DO NOT OPEN! Visit your wallpaper settings to use this live wallpaper. See the website if you want to learn how to do this.

Issues? Requests? Suggestions? Please visit the website, read help and Frequently Asked Questions, then e-mail.

Website: http://android.ccpcreations.com/vlw/

Иконка для Mario Live Wallpaper 0.94b

Mario Live Wallpaper (v. 0.94b)

C.C.P. Cre@ions опубликовал приложение 2010-09-29
(обновлено 2010-09-29)

Watch Mario play randomly generated levels on your home screen!

This is not an app but a live wallpaper; make sure your phone supports them!

Problems? Questions? Please see the website before e-mailing.

If you like this live wallpaper, consider donating to support its author. Donation link is in the settings.

Иконка для Wiimote controller 0.3b

Wiimote controller (v. 0.3b)

C.C.P. Cre@ions опубликовал приложение 2010-08-07
(обновлено 2010-08-07)

Play games with a Wii remote on your Android device!

News, changelog and FAQ are on the dev's website. Link is below description.

Problems? Please read Help/About inside the app.

I can't answer market comments! Use the email button below.

This app doesn't work on phones with HTC Sense UI and some newer Samsung phones.

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