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Иконка для Fluxed ADW Theme 1.9.6

Fluxed ADW Theme (v. 1.9.6)

Asher S. опубликовал приложение 2010-12-27
(обновлено 2011-11-30)

Fluxed tries to differentiate itself from the regular randomness of Android icons by unifying them to one style while keeping the uniqueness of each app.
Close to 350 apps supported.
HDPI and MDPI, and LDPI devices are supported.

ATTN: This theme is not actively worked on. Please feel free to continue using it however don't expect to see much more love added to it. I have moved to other projects and do not have any current plans to continue developing Fluxed. I am thinking of collecting and publishing the sources files under a Creative Commons license so you can make your own, however!

Want the Fluxed App Drawer icon? Create a custom shortcut, pick Launcher Actions and then find the icon in the Fluxed iconpack!

Download, install, and apply under ADWSettings > Theme Preferences

Notice a broken icon that should be working? Report it on the Fluxed page at www.ashersimonds.com!

If FCing, try uninstalling Fluxed, restarting ADW and re-installing Fluxed.

If you enjoy my work, please visit my site and donate!
Full Changelog available on website.

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