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Иконка для 3D Waterfall Live Wallpaper 1.61

3D Waterfall Live Wallpaper (v. 1.61)

Handysoft опубликовал приложение 2013-01-30
(обновлено 2013-01-30)

A high-quality 3D Waterfall Live Wallpaper APP.
3D Waterfall is a Live Wallpaper within a 3D Cube.
It's very beautiful and exciting.If you like it,please set as wallpaper.
Tags:3D Waterfall,Waterfall,Live Wallpaper,Wallpaper,3D Wallpaper,Best Wallpaper,Nature Wallpaper
Features Include:
7 kinds of different characteristics of the cool Waterfall .
Adjust the size of the 3D cube. Adjust its rotation speed.
When you set it as wallpaper, but also can directly hand toggle the 3D cube.
You can change viewing angle and change background .
Automatically rotate from different angles.

Иконка для Sparkling Butterfly 1.7

Sparkling Butterfly (v. 1.7)

redsun опубликовал приложение 2013-01-27
(обновлено 2013-01-27)

Beautiful butterflies are flying.
Here we show you 24 very beautiful butterfly pictures for free. It is my favorite colors! I just love anything pink purple and blue. So cute and pretty!
Besides 18,000+ wallpapers is FREE for you to get amazing images!
Welcome to 18,000+ High quality wallpapers.

Иконка для Radio K 1230 우리방송 1.1

Radio K 1230 우리방송 (v. 1.1)

Joins America Inc опубликовал приложение 2013-01-27
(обновлено 2013-01-27)

꿈과 함께, 미래와 함께하는 라디오 K 1230 우리방송이 모바일 앱 서비스를 시작합니다.
전세계 어디서나 라디오 K 1230 우리방송에서 제공하는 양질의 라이브 라디오를 무료로 청취할 수 있습니다.
미국 LA에서 전하는 라디오 K 1230 우리방송과 함께 뉴스, 음악, 토크쇼 등 다양한 소식을 만나보십시오.

Radio K 1230 provides quality FREE mobile radio streaming service.
Enjoy Live News, Music and Talk shows with Radio K 1230 anywhere in the world.

Иконка для Airbind 0.78

Airbind (v. 0.78)

Airbind Ltd опубликовал приложение 2013-01-27
(обновлено 2013-01-27)

Airbind is a free app that allows you to sync your iTunes library to your Android device over wi-fi. Download and install the PC or Mac client from www.airbind.com, then launch Airbind on your Android device. Airbind will discover your iTunes library, and with one click it will start to sync.

Storing all of your DRM free media on your SD card, Airbind allows you to take your media with you. It will even auto-sync with your iTunes whenever your PC/Mac and android device are on the same network.

Using Airbind is simple, there are just 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Download and install Airbind for your Mac or PC from www.airbind.com

Step 2: Install Airbind on your android device from the Android Marketplace

Step 3: Connect your Mac or PC and phone to your wi-fi network, launch the application, choose what you want to sync and click ‘SYNC’

Иконка для Tv Player Full 1.8.3

Tv Player Full (v. 1.8.3)

demludi опубликовал приложение 2013-01-27
(обновлено 2013-01-27)

Only for 10 days the program will be in discount from 3.99 euros to 3.49 :)

Player  is an independent program to streaming media available on the web. We do not provide streaming content ourselves. This program is designed to enable users of electronic devices to easily find and access media content over the Internet.

Update weekly :)

If someone have problem to pay,download and install tv player full please go to this page http://www.demludi.com/?p=1366

Tv Player e nezavisima programa za streeming media! Nie ne proizvejdame streemiing sudurjanieto,to e namereno i podbrano ot men ot internet!!! Tazi programa e prednazna4ena da dade vuzmojnost na potrebitelite s elektronni ustroistva po-lesno da namerqt dostup do mediinotp tv sudurjanie.Ako nqkoi ot kanalite ne rabotqt, molq da me ivinite i da ne publikuvate komentari ot tipa: AMA AZ SI PLASHTAM. Nedeite da otpravqte zaplahi po moi adres.Blagodarq za razbiraneto.

Ако някой има проблем да плати, свали и инсталира TV Player Full моля отидете на тази страница http://www.demludi.com/?p=1366



To work properly this application depend of the streaming source. In some countries some of this channels are disabled.
Before start to use this app make sure you have installed Wondershare Player or Daroon player or Bs Player from Android Market
Sometimes the player ask to install his video codec in the first start !!! Install it!!!
3.SELECT your Player to start the streaming
4.Check "Use by default for this action."
When you stop the flow Daroon Player asks if you want to save the stream in your favorites
5.To disable this function go to Settings/Playback/uncheck Show Save Stream Prompt
6.Sometimes the streams need to load 10-20 sec!!!
7.There are three types of streaming links: 1.MMS 2.RTSP & 3.RTMP
8.To play RTMP streams you need to install semperVidLinks App
9.Enjoy your favorite tv channels on any Android device

Иконка для Gallery Organizer 1.2.6

Gallery Organizer (v. 1.2.6)

gussan опубликовал приложение 2013-01-27
(обновлено 2013-01-27)


Gallery Organizer is an application which enables you to organize photos and videos displayed by the Gallery with folders. No need to connect PC, you can manage your media files with simple operations: single tap for quick preview (play in the same Activity), double tap for select/unselect, and long press for rename.

Creating a new folder and copy/cut/paste of the selected files/folders are also easy. You don't have to operate in a deep level menu, just tap the toolbar buttons.

1) Gallery Organizer is not a viewer app, it is an organizer which is used to organize your media files with folders. (The folders will show up as albums in the Gallery.)
2) It may take a while to update the data that the Gallery uses (depending on how many media files/folders you change).
3) You should not change the names of auto-generated folders (e.g. DCIM, DCIM/Camera).

Latest version 1.2.6

Gallery update button added to the toolbar.
Sort button added to the toolbar.

Иконка для Boxee Thumb Remote 20120806

Boxee Thumb Remote (v. 20120806)

Menny Even Danan опубликовал приложение 2013-01-27
(обновлено 2013-01-27)

**NOTE: This app has been retired! Which means that I will not provide updates, and Boxee.tv is not going to be supported.

This is the simplest WiFi remote for Boxee you'll find!
With only your thumb, you can control your Boxee. You don't even have to look at the remote app in your phone, just swipe away :)

Navigation with this remote is done by swipe gestures: swipe your thumb up, to navigate up in Boxee. Swipe down to navigate down, etc. Tap to select an item in Boxee.
Simple, ah?

There are other features too:
* Auto detection of a Boxee server.
* Physical BACK button is mapped to Boxee's BACK (set in app settings).
* Android soft-keyboard will send keys to Boxee, e.g., when there is a text-box open in Boxee.
* Seek to a specific time by tapping the progress bar.
* Automatically pauses a playing video upon a phone call!
* Support for password protected Boxee
* And more!

Иконка для heytv - TV for Android 1.2.0

heytv - TV for Android (v. 1.2.0)

joomp.de опубликовал приложение 2013-01-27
(обновлено 2013-01-27)

This App is the missing link to see TV on android devices streamed by Elgato netstream sat box.

The complete channel list of your elgato box can be downloaded from the web interface. Heytv can process this channel list and start the selected channel by a video player like VPlayer. There are no running PC required!

heytv was tested on devices like Samsung Galaxy Phones, Acer Iconia Tablets and others. We are testing the app on mediacenter solutions based on Android.

Attention: This app requires the Elgato netstream products (other products are not testet, e.g. Tivizen). If after clicking on a channel the video stream doesn't appear You have to install a video player app as VPlayer.

This version is for free. There exists a heytv unlock app for activating some useful features (e.g. a favorite mode).

If You have trouble to import Your m3u file:
Please check, if there is an existing configuration and delete this before importing a new file. If You have trouble after checking that, send Your m3u file to the author.

LIVE3G Support:
Heytv will not support live3g because this is not an official Elgato product and requires no Apple hardware!

@Android 1.6 Users: Please contact the author if you have problems with this version.

@GoogleTV Users:
This is the first version which supports GoogleTV. Please report usibility problems to the author.

@EPG Apps: Please contact the developer. I will support executing channels via Intent.

Enjoy TV on Android!

Иконка для Video Cloud (Google Drive) 0.9e (Beta

Video Cloud (Google Drive) (v. 0.9e (Beta)

Oky Software опубликовал приложение 2013-01-26
(обновлено 2015-05-21)

Video Cloud is a video streaming client for your Android device. Upload your MP4 videos to Google Drive and stream them to your Android device anywhere you go. No need to carry your movies in your SDCard!

Due to time constraints and dev resources availability Video Cloud will no longer be supported. The application will still remain in the market and available for download but technical assistance will no longer be available.


1. Use your PC to convert your videos to MP4 format
One of the best free utilities is FormatFactory:

FormatFactory Settings:
Type: MP4
Video encode: AVC(H264)
Audio encode: AAC

2. Enable streaming in your movies by using Metadata Mover (free utility):
Just open the directory where your MP4 files are and click on "Edit all Files"

3. Upload your movies to your GDocs account:

4. Choose Refresh/Search in the app menu to get a list of your movies.

=> Stream MP4 videos
=> No limit on streaming
=> Use multiple GDocs accounts

MyFlix is in beta stage please leave your comments and suggestions in Android Market

=> This software is provided AS-IS and comes with NO WARRANTIES or guarantees. Author assumes NO RESPONSIBILITY whatsoever including data loss or network usage. Video Cloud and its author are not associated with Google Drive or Google. Google Drive is a trademark of Google. No rights reserved.

TAGS: streaming, stream, videos, movies, gdocs, fast, turbo, mp4, cloud

Иконка для Nice Waters Wallpaper 6.0

Nice Waters Wallpaper (v. 6.0)

bryceapps опубликовал приложение 2013-01-25
(обновлено 2013-01-25)

"10,000+ Wallpapers & Backgrounds" will bring you the best high quality wallpapers; With more then 50 different categories for download, and it can make you cell phone shine and decorate it nicely.


*** Latest & Great backgrounds of best picked collection
*** Very fast loading
*** Save the cool pics to your library and sent it as your own wallpapers
*** Swipe through the image collections for fun exploring
*** Update the cool collection daily
*** It is all FREE For You!!!

Hope you will enjoy it.

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