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Иконка для MPC-HC Remote Control 1.8.0

MPC-HC Remote Control (v. 1.8.0)

Martin Hloušek опубликовал приложение 2011-08-17
(обновлено 2015-08-16)

With MPC-HC Remote control you are able to control your PC remotely with your Android device.

The ads free version available at: https://market.android.com/details?id=org.hlousek.droid.mpcrcpro

You have to activate the web interface of your Media Player Classic - Home Cinema.
In the Options menu for Media Player Classic find the "Web Interface" and enable "Listen on port" disable "Allow access from localhost only", and disable "Serve pages from". You can change the port it listens on but that's optional (default is 13579)

Now in MPC-HC Remote Control you can "configure new device" >> Enter IP address and port


- play, pause, stop, next, previous
- seek bar
- DVD control
- control volume
- control position and size of video frame
- video frame preview
- remote file-system browser
- audio and subtitle control

Иконка для 激动网-新闻视频美女动漫综艺 4.2.1

激动网-新闻视频美女动漫综艺 (v. 4.2.1)

joy.cn опубликовал приложение 2011-08-10
(обновлено 2015-08-04)





Иконка для Scanner Radio 1.0.2

Scanner Radio (v. 1.0.2)

aor.leadapps опубликовал приложение 2011-07-08
(обновлено 2015-06-08)

Scanner Radio comes with special features of All Scanner based stations loading,along with playback of mp3/aac/aacp radio stations.

Иконка для BSPlayer 1.9.153

BSPlayer (v. 1.9.153)

BSPlayer Media опубликовал приложение 2013-01-30
(обновлено 2015-05-28)

This is full, ad-free version of BSPlayer multimedia player with additional functionallity.

BSPlayer is media player for Android smartphones and tablet PC's, supporting hardware accelerated video decoding, automatic subtitle search and buffered network playback from SMB shares.

Main features:
- NO advertisements
- Android 4.3 Jelly Bean MR2 compatibility
- hardware accelerated video playback - significantly increases playback speed and reduces battery consumption, supporting multi-core (dual and quad-core) hardware decoding*
- audio pre-amplification ("volume boost" - user definable up to 500%)
- playback in popup window (audio and video)
- support for almost any media file type (video and audio), such as: avi, divx, flv, mkv, mov, mpg, mts, mp4, m4v, rmvb, wmv, 3gp, mp3... and streaming content such as RTMP, RTSP, MMS (tcp, http), HTTP Live stream, HTTP.
- aspect-ratio adjustments and zoom
- multiple audio streams and subtitles
- supports customizable gestures for Seek, Jump, Brightness and Volume control, exit to popup video
- playlist support and various playback modes.
- support for audio headsets and external Bluetooth keyboards
- customizable audio offset, playback speed, gestures and keys
- external and embedded subtitles ssa/ass, srt, sub, txt...
- Automatic subtitle search (mobile or Wi-Fi connection must be enabled to work)
- playback media files such as videos and mp3's directly via Wi-Fi from your network shared drives/folders (such as external USB drives, SMB shares, PC shared folders, NAS servers (Synology and others)) - no need to convert video files and copy media files to SD card
- Playback files directly from uncompressed RAR files
- Lock screen to prevent accidental change of videos (kid lock)
- support for USB OTG (On-The-Go)for example: Nexus media importer, USB OTG Helper, USB Host Controller... and much more!

****** Licensing troubleshooting: ******
- If after the purchase and installation of the app you get a license failure notification,  this is because the purchase may take some time to be recorded on the Google license server.  It will resolve within a few hours or you can try re-installing and restarting your device.
- If your download is declined, your credit card authorization will have failed. Please update your card details (usually the address doesn't match) and retry the purchase.
- If you get "Not compatible with your device" from the Market App, please try clearing your Market App Cache (Settings, Applications, Market, Clear Cache) and restarting your device.
- BSPlayer app uses Google's standard licensing service. Keep Wi-Fi or mobile data enabled at the the first run of application. Further internet connection will not be required. Also, for existing users having problems with licensing - you may try "Clear app data" function and run app with internet connection enabled. This should license your app.

If you are having any issues with licensing, please send us an email to sales@bsplayer.com and we will fix the issue.

This package includes support for ARMv7 with VFP and NEON. For other CPU types please download appropriate package. Application will notify you which package you need.

NOTE: When reporting error please add info about your smartphone brand and model. Also you can send us more detailed bug report on e-mail android@bsplayer.com. We are trying to improve the media player for the users and your feedback is highly appreciated.

* Hardware acceleration support depends on device video decoder capability. Hardware accelerated playback in portrait mode may be corrupted on some HTC models (eg. on HTC HD, it is a hardware issue). Also on some devices (Samsung galaxy S2) zoom/stretch may not work on all videos.

This video player uses code of FFmpeg licensed under the LGPLv2.1 and its source can be downloaded from BSPlayer website.

Dedicated support forum can be found here http://forum.bsplayer.com/bsplayer-android/.

Иконка для VLC Direct Pro Free 6.2

VLC Direct Pro Free (v. 6.2)

Video & Streaming опубликовал приложение 2013-01-30
(обновлено 2015-05-28)


After a lot of work, we have released the new version of VLC Direct Pro Free,
and this time is FREE with all the PRO features enabled!

* Remote control VideoLan VLC from your Phone/Tablet (play, pause, stop, volume, fullscreen, change video/song, dvd menu control, change audio tracks, change subtitle tracks, etc.)
* Streaming from Android to Computer (Video, music and photos)
* Its internal video player allows streaming content from the Computer to Android (Video, music and photos)
* Subtitles supported

If you have any question, request or complaint, please don't give the app a low rate, just send us an email and we will answer within a few hours (sometimes within a few minutes!). Be sure we will do our best to solve your specific problem.

To configure your VLC, just download and run the following script in your PC (only windows):

(Remember running it as administrator the first time: Right click on it and then "Run as Administrator")


Windows will ask you permission to make changes in the VLC folder and allow VLC to access the network. Those actions are necesary for proper function, please allow them.

What does the script?
Basically, It starts VLC with its web interface enabled, and passes it some parameters to improve codec finding and rtsp streaming performance.

If you don't use windows, you can follow this connection guide:


Important notes about VideoLan VLC Versions:

RECOMMENDED VLC VERSIONS: 2.0.7, 2.0.6, 2.0.5, 2.0.3, 2.0.2, 2.0.0, 1.1.11
NOT RECOMMENDED VERSIONS: 2.0.4, 2.0.1, versions older than 1.1.11

if you need any specific version of VLC, you can find it here:

supported formats: avi, flv, mp4, mp3, mkv, wmv, jpg, mpeg, mpg, rmvb, m4v, mov, 3gp, ts, vob. (Some videos in these formats might not work because sometimes VLC can't transcode them into an android supported format -mp4 or 3gp-)

If you are looking for the Official VLC Mobile Team Player, you can find it here:

more info: http://www.vlcdirect.com
e-mail: vlcforandroid@gmail.com

Visit our friend and sponsor website: http://www.matchtime.info/

Иконка для µTorrent®  Remote 1.0.201109

µTorrent® Remote (v. 1.0.201109)

BitTorrent Inc опубликовал приложение 2011-07-03
(обновлено 2015-05-26)

Light. Limitless. Access µTorrent®  (uTorrent) on your home computer from anywhere.

What is µTorrent®  (uTorrent) Remote?
µTorrent  (uTorrent) Remote is a simple and secure app that enables you to access µTorrent  (uTorrent) on your home computer from anywhere on the internet. Just create an account from µTorrent  (uTorrent) on your computer and you're done. There's no complicated network setup required.

Add, remove, start, stop downloads on your home computer
Check download progress
Check your RSS feeds
Automatically add torrents to your home µTorrent®  (uTorrent) client from your mobile browser
Shift completed downloads to your Android device for local playback

How do I get started?
View more detailed instructions at https://remote.utorrent.com/signup

Feature suggestions? http://www.utorrent.com/ideabank
Support and feedback? utandroidremote@utorrent.com

Иконка для Very Simple Movie Player 2013.09.27

Very Simple Movie Player (v. 2013.09.27)

FREE WING опубликовал приложение 2011-07-02
(обновлено 2015-05-23)

This is a simple movie player. There's no icon that will appear in your home screen or app drawer, read below to find out how to use it.


HOW TO USE "Simple Movie Player"
1. Open your file manager.
2. Browse for the folder where the video you want to play is located.
3. Click it.

Android will ask if you want to play the video using "Very Simple Movie Player", "Video" or other video app. Tick the "Set as default app" checkbox then select "Very Simple Movie Player".

• simple (even a 3 year-old kid can use it!)
• lightweight (17kb doesn't hurt)
• change-able background color (if the video doesn't fully fit your screen)
• repeat options available as well
• nothing else, that's why it is a "simple" movie player

You should be running Android 1.5 and above to use this app.

This description created by Vineen Manarang .
He created this sentence for me so people will understand what I actually mean.

-------- [OLD description] --------
Very Simple Movie Player

Very Simple Movie Player
Landscape Movie Player

(Very Small, Very Lite, App size Only 16KB .)


Android 1.5/1.6/2.1/2.2/2.3/etc.

Copyright (c) 2011-2012 FREE WING,Y.Sakamoto


for "can't open", "don't know how to use" .
Sorry for the confusing description of the application.
This application also install icons to the menu screen is issued.
How to use this application when you select the video file from another application such as File Manager "Video Player" and select Run as.

This application doesn't go out to the menu panel even if it installs it.
The usage is selected as an animation player when the animation file is selected by the file manager etc. and executed.

Иконка для Video Cloud (Google Drive) 0.9e (Beta

Video Cloud (Google Drive) (v. 0.9e (Beta)

Oky Software опубликовал приложение 2013-01-26
(обновлено 2015-05-21)

Video Cloud is a video streaming client for your Android device. Upload your MP4 videos to Google Drive and stream them to your Android device anywhere you go. No need to carry your movies in your SDCard!

Due to time constraints and dev resources availability Video Cloud will no longer be supported. The application will still remain in the market and available for download but technical assistance will no longer be available.


1. Use your PC to convert your videos to MP4 format
One of the best free utilities is FormatFactory:

FormatFactory Settings:
Type: MP4
Video encode: AVC(H264)
Audio encode: AAC

2. Enable streaming in your movies by using Metadata Mover (free utility):
Just open the directory where your MP4 files are and click on "Edit all Files"

3. Upload your movies to your GDocs account:

4. Choose Refresh/Search in the app menu to get a list of your movies.

=> Stream MP4 videos
=> No limit on streaming
=> Use multiple GDocs accounts

MyFlix is in beta stage please leave your comments and suggestions in Android Market

=> This software is provided AS-IS and comes with NO WARRANTIES or guarantees. Author assumes NO RESPONSIBILITY whatsoever including data loss or network usage. Video Cloud and its author are not associated with Google Drive or Google. Google Drive is a trademark of Google. No rights reserved.

TAGS: streaming, stream, videos, movies, gdocs, fast, turbo, mp4, cloud

Иконка для The Pilot Report

The Pilot Report (v.

Maverick Enterprises Intl, LLC опубликовал приложение 2013-01-25
(обновлено 2015-05-18)

TheThePilotReport is your home for No BS Aviation Product Reviews, Demos, & More!

Get all your favorite information from ThePilotReport.com & ThePilotReport.tv websites, Twitter stream, Facebook discussions, YouTube videos, and photos all in one easy to navigate location!

Enjoy all of our awesome content in the palm of your hands.

This app is advertising supported. You can remove the ads by purchasing our Ad Free version.

Иконка для 搜狐视频-电影电视剧播放器,中国好声音独家开播 3.2.2

搜狐视频-电影电视剧播放器,中国好声音独家开播 (v. 3.2.2)

搜狐视频 опубликовал приложение 2013-01-20
(обновлено 2015-04-27)


中国第一美剧播放平台,全球热播 103部最新美剧

100,000,000手机用户的忠实选择,手机看视频,装搜狐视频!《2013 中国好声音》全球独播,每周五晚相约搜狐视频手机端!随时随地免费观看中国好声音。



6、多屏互动:支持Apple TV、安卓盒子的AirPlay、DLNA协议,多屏互动,您已拥有!


搜狐、视频播放器、播放器、搜狐新闻、搜狐微博、搜狗、搜狗地图、搜狗输入法、优酷、youku、优酷视频、优酷HD、优酷拍客、爱奇艺、奇艺、奇艺、qiyi、奇艺影视、奇艺高清、奇艺音乐、PPTV、PPTV网络电视、PPS、PPS影视、PPS影音、乐视、letv、乐视视频、乐视影视、快播、QVOD、快播视频、开讯、KASCEND、开讯视频、土豆、tudou、土豆视频、美剧、高清、高清视频、高清影视、高清影院、无线电、电台、电视、网络电视、手机电视、播放器、收音机、radio、video、movie、MUSIC、FM、MV、音乐、音乐录像、PLAYER、MX PLAYER、MOBO PLAYER、YOUTUBE、百度、baidu、百度视频、百度音乐、腾讯、腾讯视频、腾讯音乐、QQ影音、搜狗、淘宝、360、手机卫士、杀毒、芒果、芒果TV、UC、UC影音、UCWEB、豆瓣、douban、豆瓣电影、豆瓣音乐、豆瓣FM、千寻、千寻影视、达龙影音、56视频、CNTV、暴风影音、迅雷、迅雷看看、100TV、酷狗、酷狗音乐、QQ音乐、天天、天天动听、千千、千千静听、酷我、酷我音乐、soundhound、poweramp、多米、多米音乐、tuneln、音悦台、音乐台、快手、网易、网易视频、网易新闻、新浪、新浪视频、人人、开心、58同城、赶集、唱吧、KTV、视频、电视剧、动漫、新闻、娱乐、八卦、热点、资讯、片花、新番、人文、纪实、军事、快乐大本营、我爱记歌词、天天向上、中国好声音、中国达人秀、我要上春晚、非诚勿扰、康熙来了、郭德纲、韩剧、台湾综艺、日本新番、女人我最大、百变大咖秀、湖南卫视、江苏卫视、公开课、火花电视剧、大太监、火花电影、微看电视、魔力视频

搜狐、搜狐视频、搜狐新闻、搜狐微博、搜狗、搜狗地图、搜狗输入法、优酷、youku、优酷视频、优酷HD、优酷拍客、爱奇艺、奇艺、奇艺、qiyi、奇艺影视、奇艺高清、奇艺音乐、PPTV、PPTV网络电视、PPS、PPS影视、PPS影音、乐视、letv、乐视视频、乐视影视、快播、QVOD、快播视频、开讯、KASCEND、开讯视频、土豆、tudou、土豆视频、美剧、高清、高清视频、高清影视、高清影院、无线电、电台、电视、网络电视、手机电视、播放器、收音机、radio、video、movie、MUSIC、FM、MV、音乐、音乐录像、PLAYER、MX PLAYER、MOBO PLAYER、YOUTUBE、百度、baidu、百度视频、百度音乐、腾讯、腾讯视频、腾讯音乐、QQ影音、搜狗、淘宝、360、手机卫士、杀毒、芒果、芒果TV、UC、UC影音、UCWEB、豆瓣、douban、豆瓣电影、豆瓣音乐、豆瓣FM、千寻、千寻影视、达龙影音、56视频、CNTV、暴风影音、迅雷、迅雷看看、100TV、酷狗、酷狗音乐、QQ音乐、天天、天天动听、千千、千千静听、酷我、酷我音乐、soundhound、poweramp、多米、多米音乐、tuneln、音悦台、音乐台、快手、网易、网易视频、网易新闻、新浪、新浪视频、人人、开心、58同城、赶集、唱吧、KTV、视频、电视剧、动漫、新闻、娱乐、八卦、热点、资讯、片花、新番、人文、纪实、军事、快乐大本营、我爱记歌词、天天向上、中国好声音、中国达人秀、我要上春晚、非诚勿扰、康熙来了、郭德纲、韩剧、台湾综艺、日本新番、女人我最大、百变大咖秀、湖南卫视、江苏卫视、公开课、火花电视剧、大太监、火花电影、微看电视、魔力视频、

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