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Download the FREE official Super Bowl XLV Guide today!  It’s your mobile companion for Super Bowl Week!

Navigate a 3D map of North Texas and discover places to eat and drink
Browse Cowboys Stadium and find parking, concessions, and restrooms
See who is checking in and where
Find and attend the official Super Bowl Week Events

Requires Android OS 2.1 or above.

About UpNext:
UpNext is the leading provider of interactive 3D maps for mobile and touchscreen devices. UpNext's award-winning proprietary mapping platform allows clients to build immersive locations optimized for mobile platforms. Visit for more


Категория: Спортивные игры
Закачек: 5000-10000
Размер: 22.1 MB
Опубликовано: 2011-06-16
Обновлено: 2011-06-16

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Снимок экрана super-bowl-xlv

Комментарии и оценки пользователей для Super Bowl XLV

[2011-02-07] PM Mobile:
Crappiest App ever
[2011-02-07] Paul:
[2011-02-06] Jeff:
Does not work on Evo 4g
[2011-02-06] haley:
Force closes. Mytouch slide
[2011-02-06] Alvaro:
Works like a champ. -Nexus S
[2011-02-06] Josh:
Thanks for nothing Van Heusen. Takes forever & kills battery. Simple would have been fine.
[2011-02-06] Dr. Spirko:
So far so bad. First thing it did was pop up the Force Close box on a Droid2. Now it's "extracting the Super Bowl map." Just send me the already-extracted map. I have unlimited data.
[2011-02-06] B.:
Won't seem to open up~ samsung acclaim
[2011-02-06] Nate:
This is really bad. It's obvious it wasn't ready in time. Boo Gizmodo for recommending it.
[2011-02-06] Alex:
shows a big blob .. and something that looks like a stadium... uninstalled evo.
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