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Разработано ScoresAndOdds - the leading website for the latest odds and lightning fast scores comes to your Android phones and devices! You’ll get the opening lines, up-to-the-minute current odds and live scores for NFL, NCAA Football, NBA, NCAA Basketball, MLB baseball, NHL hockey and more. You can use the personalized My Games page to easily follow your hot games and all your favorite teams on one page. ScoresAndOdds exclusive Betting Trends show you where the smart money is going. And it’s all FREE!

Find out what millions of sports fans already know – when you want the fastest odds and scores for every game, you can count on ScoresAndOdds.


Категория: Спортивные игры
Закачек: 10000-50000
Размер: 650.6 KB
Опубликовано: 2013-01-23
Обновлено: 2013-01-23

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[2012-11-09] A Google User:
Perfect! This is a fabulous source of information and beautifully organized presentation on the real favs and underdogs in the important sports. It shows how the risk takers, not the mouthy talkers, rate the games. I would happily pay for this even though I don't bet the games. All developers could learn from these people. Hey Justin, Spell decipher before your money-making advice.
[2012-11-02] A Google User:
spreads work but... this app does its job of spitting out numbers but that's it. if you want to select a favorite team to follow, well don't even try because the app selects and highlights teams at random for you and most of the time it can not be unstarred. and then its loading and refreshing just about every 10 secs. very annoying. I don't think that high of a refresh rate is necessary.
[2012-09-24] A Google User:
Great Great
[2012-09-20] A Google User:
Excellent!!!!!! Great app. Use it everyday
[2012-09-15] A Google User:
Awesome information BUT The information that Scores a dseb Odds provides is a huge tool in a huge game. I would put line movement and trends right up there at the top of must needed information for a person who likes to take betting seriously. It's so nice having all this information available to me on my mobile phone. The only reason why I gave the app itself 3 stars is because I think it needs some work. Maybe make it easier to diccifer for new guys. If you want more information on how to use this to make money, let me know.
[2012-09-07] A Google User:
Solid. I only wish it included more sports but for the ones it shows it's great
[2012-08-31] A Google User:
Neil Great
[2012-07-18] A Google User:
! Works just dandy!
[2012-07-09] A Google User:
Steve Love it but wish the point spreads and high lows were easier to understand
[2012-06-30] A Google User:
Need to add some halftime lines!!! 5 stars once y'all add this feature
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