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2013 NCAA Season

UPDATE: Game notifications are now available in this app.  Just press the Notifications button to turn them "On" and the app will do the rest.


Houston Cougars Fanatic,

Do you want the latest information for the Houston Cougars college football team? This application will allow you to get the team's schedule, roster, statistics, news and the game play-by-play for the Houston Cougars.  The application will also allow you to get the conference standings and the weekly scoreboard so that you will not miss any of the scores.  It will retreive the latest information every time you make a selection from the main screens for each screen.  

- The weekly scoreboards will retrieve the latest full and conference scoreboards with results of games played and the times and TV networks of upcoming games.  In portrait, the screen will display the team abbreviations and in landscape, it will display the college name.  To refresh the scoreboards, switch the screen orientation by rotating your device 90 degrees or press the BACK button then return to the scoreboard.  
- The conference standings will retrieve the latest conference standings including conference and overall records.
- The team schedule will retrieve the team's updated schedule with results of games played and the times and TV networks of upcoming games.
- The team roster will retrieve the team's current roster.
- The team statistics will retrieve the team's current statistics for passing, rushing and receiving.
- The team news will retrieve the teams latest news stories.  

It also includes a gameday play-by-play that will retrieve the play-by-play of the team's current or most recent game.  
-If selected after the game has been played or during the week prior to the next gameday the app will get the last play-by-play action for the team.
-If selected on gameday prior to kickoff, the app displays the time and location of the game that day.  
-If selected while the game is in progress, the app will take you directly to the Gameday TIcker that will show the last five plays. Select the menu option to switch from Gameday TIcker to Full Play-by-Play for the game and vice versa.  Both options will update at regular intervals as the game progresses to get the latest plays.  All scoring plays and changes of possession are displayed in bold to find them more readily.

NEW: Game and Scoring notifications.  When notifications is turned "On", the app will send you notifications to remind you when the game has started, at the start of each period of the game and every scoring play during the game.  Press on the scoring notification to go to the Play-by-Play options.

Disclaimer: LoboApps is not in any way affiliated with the NCAA, Houston University, or any of the news providers presented in this application.  All copyrighted material, trademarks, logos, team names as they are used for descriptive purposes belong to their owners.


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