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Иконка для Cool Planets Pic Link Game 1.0

Cool Planets Pic Link Game (v. 1.0)

havefuntogether опубликовал приложение 2013-01-27
(обновлено 2013-01-27)

The “Linking Game” is a small game that can be easily operated, the way to play it is to cancle two same cartoo icons with straight lines. This game is famous through north and south of World at present. This game is mainly to training your agility and enhance your ability of logic judgment.
When the game starts, find the blocks that have the same design quickly and cancel them by connecting them with a straight line, the one who is the fastest who is the winner. The rules of the game is extremely simple, and it is pretty appropriate for the scrupulous players especially the female players with the relaxed music and clear cute pictures. The beautiful illustrations of this game and more than ten kinds of high-quality mixed sounds will bring you a vivid game experience, and let the game become more interesting and challenging.
Basic rule
Click the block and connect two blocks that have the same design with less than 3 straight lines. The blocks will explode after the connection.
Operating instruction
The block will change colors after the click, and then click another block that has the same design. It will be OK if they could connected. If they could not connected, your first choice will be expired and please re-seek hurry.
Victory and Defeat
You will win the game after cancel all the blocks!
The time to choose the block is limited, you will lose the game in advance if you could not find a pair of blocks in the limited time because of the time exhaustion.
Skill Share
1.Get familiar with the basic settings of this game
Why can not the blocks be canclled when they seem to be able to cancelled sometimes? It is because you are not very familiar with the basic cancelling rules of this game! The rule of the game is “the player can cancel the pairs after they connectd 2 same blocks, but there should be less than 3 connecting lines.” Every pair should have a right-angle as a transition, except they are facing directly. It can not work on when the route is blocked! Therefor please remember, spread from the middle to the all round as much as possbile, it can reduce lots of obstacles in this way.
2.Make prompt decisions, and have self-confidence
   As we all know, human’s vision has the scotoma. You can draw a spot on a piece of paper and move it to the left slowly right in front of your eyes. You will find the spot get disappeared suddenly when the paper in a certain position, but it is still in the range of visible actually. So is the “Linking Game”(Lianliankan). Left on right down, right on left down, you can not find out some eliminable blocks when there are several parallel angles, therefore you should move your eyes more. For example, when you run into the situation that lots of blocks seem to be cancelled but they are hard to be cancelled indeed in the process of cancellation, please do not hesitate, try it right away. Do not consider too much, or you will waste too much time even though you find the pairs that can be cancelled.
3.Practise, Summarize, Confident and Perseverant
Do not down-hearted even if you always lose the game, you must know that every master also grows up from a green hand!!!
Have fun! My friend!

Иконка для Speedict eBike 2.4.2

Speedict eBike (v. 2.4.2)

Speedict Technology опубликовал приложение 2013-01-26
(обновлено 2013-01-26)

Electric Bike Computer, live view / offline view Speed, Voltage, Current, Capacity, Power, Map, Trip Time and Trip Distance via Bluetooth !

Recorded data can be synchronized from Speedict eBike device and store on Android phone for offline view !

Throttle override provides Speed and Current throttle type, Motor Start Power, Throttle range re-define, Cadence Matching + Governor feature for over-Speed, Temperature, Current and under-Voltage Cut-Off.

Иконка для Vllaznia Futboll Klub 0.21.13236

Vllaznia Futboll Klub (v. 0.21.13236)

Ingalb-Company опубликовал приложение 2013-01-26
(обновлено 2013-01-26)

Vllaznia  App  for  Futboll  Klub  Vllaznia.
App  made  for  Vllaznia,  the  oldest  soccer  club  in  Albania.
News  from  Vllaznia,  Teams,  matchs,  photo,  video  and  live  streaming  match  of  Vllaznia.  
Vllaznia is the soccer club form Shkodra - Shkoder.
This app is made for www.fkvllaznia.net by IngAlb Company.

Иконка для Mega Snow Wallpaper 1.0

Mega Snow Wallpaper (v. 1.0)

droidapp опубликовал приложение 2013-01-26
(обновлено 2013-01-26)

Mega Snow Wallpaper

To use: HOME > MENU > Wallpaper > Live Wallpapers

Tags: Mega Snow Wallpaper, backgrounds, cool, Winter Fantasy

Иконка для スポーツ ニュース 速報 3.11

スポーツ ニュース 速報 (v. 3.11)

KIMURA опубликовал приложение 2013-01-26
(обновлено 2013-01-26)


Иконка для Tuttointer.com 0.21.13242

Tuttointer.com (v. 0.21.13242)

Renzo опубликовал приложение 2013-01-26
(обновлено 2013-01-26)

Tutto dal sito www.tuttointer.com -  versione beta test 1.1.0 - presto verranno aggiunte funzioni esclusive

Иконка для La Plagne 1.2

La Plagne (v. 1.2)

Skiplan Lumiplan Montagne опубликовал приложение 2013-01-26
(обновлено 2013-01-26)

Access all the information of your favorite resort:

Ski map, useful information, "MySki",videos, webcams...

Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life

Иконка для FC Inter Live Win 2.0.2

FC Inter Live Win (v. 2.0.2)

Alban Proko опубликовал приложение 2013-01-25
(обновлено 2013-01-25)

You do not need to stay in front of the TV...
You do not need to stay in house or in coffee bars...
Now you can follow F.C. INTER from your mobile.
You can follow all the important Inter Milan matches even when you are in a meeting or some family dinner or with your girlfriend.

This application will give to you the opportunity to read all the F.C. Internazionale match events in each minute or second in real time!
Chronics language is in Italian and English (source www.inter.it).
(To change the language please press the menu button of your Android device when you are in the -main screen-.)

This application needs to communicate with the Internet.
To use this application you need to activate WI-FI or Mobile Network in advance.

The reset button will help you to reset the settings of the chronics.
If you have any problem with the chronics do not hesitate to press the reset button in the main screen!!!

Thank you for downloading InterLive!
Forca Interrrrrrr!

Иконка для Cool Tigers Wallpapers 6.0

Cool Tigers Wallpapers (v. 6.0)

bryceapps опубликовал приложение 2013-01-25
(обновлено 2013-01-25)

"10,000+ Wallpapers & Backgrounds" will bring you the best high quality wallpapers; With more then 50 different categories for download, and it can make you cell phone shine and decorate it nicely.


*** Latest & Great backgrounds of best picked collection
*** Very fast loading
*** Save the cool pics to your library and sent it as your own wallpapers
*** Swipe through the image collections for fun exploring
*** Update the cool collection daily
*** It is all FREE For You!!!

Hope you will enjoy it.

Иконка для Vascão News 4.0

Vascão News (v. 4.0)

Liveware Systems опубликовал приложение 2013-01-25
(обновлено 2013-01-25)

As notícias mais quentes sobre o Vasco da Gama, o Gigante da Colina, sempre ao seu alcance! Este aplicativo extrai, das fontes jornalísticas de maior credibilidade do Brasil, notícias em tempo real sobre o time de futebol do seu coração.

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