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A young family stops at a mysterious old home for a picnic and as the mother closes her eyes to enjoy the sun, she hears a horrific crash, the kids! As she enters the house, she is confronted by a mystical mirror that’s taken her kids and locks them away in a magical world. A Hidden Object quest is placed upon you to not just save the children, but to help a unique character in very mystical places! Can you solve The Mirror Mysteries!?

☆☆☆☆☆ Features ☆☆☆☆☆

✓ Visit enchanted lands and solve mystical tasks
✓ Ethereal artwork
✓ Different whimsical characters in each world!
✓ Travel to a frosty garden, ominous cellar, and illuminated tree house!

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Категория: Казуальные
Закачек: 1000-5000
Размер: 95.1 MB
Опубликовано: 2013-03-28
Обновлено: 2013-03-28

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Системное имя пакета: com.bigfishgames.google.mirrormfull

Комментарии и оценки пользователей для Mirror Mysteries (Full)

[2013-03-26] A Google User:
Winner! Love these kinds of games. Helps me unwind after work, and great for the brain cells too. 5 stars for sure!
[2013-03-26] A Google User:
Tranq7 Awesome game !
[2013-03-25] A Google User:
Great :-) loved it Once I started I couldn't stop :-)
[2013-03-25] A Google User:
Just a HOG I was silly enough to assume this was another of BFG's fabulous point and click adventure games and bought the full version without trying the free one first. It's got BFG's usual high standard of graphics and UI but I could weep at the squandered opportunity to make a truly great and challenging game here.
[2013-03-24] A Google User:
Mirror mystery's Brilliant can't wait for the next one .
[2013-03-23] A Google User:
Great Game Fun to play and great story line.
[2013-03-22] A Google User:
It was fun Needs to be longer but fun to pass the time
[2013-03-22] A Google User:
Love it
[2013-03-21] A Google User:
Good hidden object game Very nice hidden object game, the scenes have certain level of interaction (not just finding objects, but also combining them). Good gfx and music, reasonably long. Negatives: the difficulty is too low and a massive compression is apparent on both graphics and audio. I'd rather download mode data to have sharp picture and clear sound.
[2013-03-20] A Google User:
Ok This is exactly the kind of game I like but the download quality leaves some to be desired this is the secondgame I have gotten from you where all the senes. Skip and flash. Please fix if I pay for something I expect to work.
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