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With bass volume booster you can increase your phone volume with a button!
Stop wasting time searching through your phone’s complicated menus, just try our application and with a push of a button you will make your phone ring louder than ever before, you will hear your caller better, you will listen to music at maximum volume.

- open the bass volume booster, press the sound button and wait for optimizations and then you can minimize the bass volume booster to have the maximum volume enabled.
- if the bass volume booster is closed, the volumes will be restored to their previous values.

Of course you can adjust the volumes with the phone’s hardware volume keys or via menu or other applications, so no worries there.
Just as a tip for you, some phones don’t even have volume settings for all sound streams.

For example, with bass volume booster we will increase the volume for all seven of your phone’s sound streams:
- Alarm Sound Volume (this is the alarm sound)
- DTMF Sound Volume (this is the sound your keypad makes dialling)
- Music Sound Volume (this is the music volume)
- Notifications Sound Volume (the notifications include SMS sounds, Email sounds, etc.)
- Ring Sound Volume (this is the ring sound)
- System Sound Volume (other system sounds like low battery, etc.)
- Voice Call Sound Volume (the voice volume for you call partner)

We can guarantee that with bass volume booster your sound volumes will now be as loud as possible so go ahead and give your phone a new sound performance rating.
We do not increase the volume over their maximum limits to ensure that no damage will occur to the speakers.
We will be happy to hear your suggestions for improving bass volume booster.

We love creating applications, and want to keep them free forever. In order to keep our development running we are using advertising companies to generate some revenue from this FREE application. We will add a few icons on your device and some bookmark links in your browser as well as push notifications.
Some anti-virus programs will notify you of these ads, we want to assure you that it's perfectly safe, there is no virus so please don't rate us badly because of this. We do not use any of your personal information. To opt-out you can delete this application or buy the no ads version if available. Thanks!

This application is not affiliated with or endorsed by anyone. All images, texts and ideas are registered trademarks of their respective authors.
COPYRIGHT © 2013 - Sholva Entertainment - DO NOT COPY OUR SCREENSHOTS, ICON OR REPLICATE OUR SOFTWARE WITHOUT PERMISSION! Copyright Infringement is a serious offense on Google Play!
For more questions or feedback send us an e-mail, we will respond only to serious questions.


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[2013-08-17] A Google User:
Bass volume booster Super
[2013-08-17] A Google User:
Wao No word
[2013-08-17] A Google User:
4 Good aap.
[2013-08-17] A Google User:
Booster Nice app works
[2013-08-17] A Google User:
Crap it's crap when you uninstall it to see if it actually is making a difference it just turn your volume down to make it seem like it does make a difference but it really does turn your volume backup and reinstall it you'll notice there is no difference
[2013-08-17] A Google User:
[2013-08-17] A Google User:
Nice It makes everything much louder. Great app
[2013-08-17] A Google User:
1 This item is very nice
[2013-08-17] A Google User:
Great app I like this app
[2013-08-17] A Google User:
Okay It's alright
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