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Guess the Brand: Logos в Android Market

Icon for Guess the Brand: Logos 1.5 Guess the Brand: Logos (v. 1.5)
Разработано Wini Games

“A classic game of cards, improves skills, brilliant” –Kramer Stone
“The card game is free for download, and it's awesome” – Simon Rush
“Deal the cards and enjoy the good old card game ” – The Android Team

Guess at logos of popular companies with Hi Guess The Brand!
More than 1,000 logos to solve!
We can see various company logos every day and everywhere.
On TV, walking along the street, in magazines... simply everywhere!

This is a quiz game to test your GK skills. You need to guess the logos for different brands
(companies, music, movies, cars, products, football clubs, etc).
We see various logos of companies and brands every day. We get glimpses of them in the paper; see them in the market, etc. We are surrounded by logos all the time.

How many of them can we recognize?

"Guess The Brand" is a highly-addictive game .

Playing is pretty simple: you see an icon and you're shown a series of scrambled letters, out of which you have to make a word that you associate with the icon.
Do you like playing "Logo Quiz", "Icomania", "4 Pics 1 Word" and "What's the Word"?
You should definitely try "Guess The Brand"!
Take a look at icon and guess what's the word!

Game Features-
More than 1000 logos to guess.
18 levels to play.
Take the help of your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, etc.
Get hints if you are stuck.
Earn badges as you solve the levels.

Enjoy for Free and Have Fun!

Also remember to check out our other games, puzzles and apps.
You can even share on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. We keep adding new version, so look forward to our updates and keep enjoying the game and please keep emailing us with any questions or feedback!


Категория: Головоломки
Закачек: 50000-250000
Размер: 12.8 MB
Опубликовано: 2013-07-26
Обновлено: 2013-07-26

Баркод для Guess the Brand: Logos
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Права доступа: 28 (показать/скрыть полный список)

Системное имя пакета: com.fa.guess.logo.quiz.game.brands

Комментарии и оценки пользователей для Guess the Brand: Logos

[2013-07-26] A Google User:
Decent game It would be a lot better. If someone could buy hints or if you could earn hints by guessing the correct answers.
[2013-07-26] A Google User:
Discription The description has nothing to do with the game.
[2013-07-26] A Google User:
Cool game Like it
[2013-07-26] A Google User:
Cool app Cool like it... :
[2013-07-26] A Google User:
OK I always forgot the answer..
[2013-07-25] A Google User:
Nice Very interesting...
[2013-07-25] A Google User:
Awesome I love this game its very witty
[2013-07-25] A Google User:
I love it. Thank you.
[2013-07-25] A Google User:
Wow Nice game to know some brands.
[2013-07-25] A Google User:
Martin I really love this game its so easy
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