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Разработано samuel Habtemariam

RomDownloader is ROM file downloader for android platform, It includes more than 30000 game roms.

    You can download any roms freely.

    This is the offical version.

     It have GameBoy Advance(GBA), Genesis, Gamegear, Super Nintendo(SNES), Gameboy/Colo r(GBC), NES, Amiga CD32, Atari 2600, CapcomPlay System2,Multiply Arcade, Sega Master System type game roms.

      The snes rom is .7z, the other roms are .zip files.

Mainly features:

1. Select game rom to download freely;
2. Check current progress and stop, pause any one.

    If you want to update this application, please uninstall firstly then install it again.

    Please give me the 5 stars if you like it, if meet any troubles, please don't give me less than 5 stars,  you can connect us or cancel this order. we think highly of your assessment. thanks.

    If you meet any problems, please send email to us( ASAP.



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Комментарии и оценки пользователей для Roms downloader for emulator

[2013-07-26] A Google User:
Crap. Won't download two thirds of the roms. How can you charge for this?
[2013-07-25] A Google User:
Love it but one question Do all files need wifi for the ROM downloads or is it recommended?
[2013-07-24] A Google User:
Its good but needs more People use n64 a lot too and that would be a good addition.
[2013-07-24] A Google User:
Excellent Thank you thank you thank
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