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Icon for Pro Shooter : Sniper PREMIUM 2.5 Pro Shooter : Sniper PREMIUM (v. 2.5)
Разработано the Core Factory

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Feel like a real sniper! Hit right on target!

Distance, weather, pulse, target movement - all of this must be considered before a sniper shot.

Game Features:
Scope adjustment.
Multiple levels.
Two game modes: arcade and simulation.
Additional instruments to provide an accurate shooting.


Категория: Аркады и экшн
Закачек: 50000-250000
Размер: 26.4 MB
Опубликовано: 2013-08-15
Обновлено: 2013-08-15

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Права доступа: 3 (показать/скрыть полный список)

Системное имя пакета: com.TheCoreFactory.SniperPREMIUM

Комментарии и оценки пользователей для Pro Shooter : Sniper PREMIUM

[2013-08-15] A Google User:
It ok... could be better Wish u could shoot terrorists or somthing instead of targets kinda boring need faster sensitivity....
[2013-08-15] A Google User:
Nice Wherez the code?????
[2013-08-15] A Google User:
A Real hunter Love the game I love the attention to detail the only thing I would say is to see surrounding light around the scope (obviously blurry)
[2013-08-15] A Google User:
Very fun Lots of fun
[2013-08-15] A Google User:
Great game Highly recomend this one to all targetshooting fans out there! Great mix of simulator&arcade. Would be nice to add some extra discription to the rifles in the store for newbies :) keep up the good work!
[2013-08-15] A Google User:
[2013-08-15] A Google User:
Nice What a nice game,now i know how to shoot with scope..good shooting game..if developer can make a hunting base game like this,much more fun..
[2013-08-15] A Google User:
Awesome Great and challenging game. Really helps you learn how to use rifle scopes while you take out your targets at all different ranges and wind variations. You even have moving targets. Great game
[2013-08-14] A Google User:
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[2013-08-14] A Google User:
Ok Good
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