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Разработано WinnerStudio

In the virtual world, you are a sniper, and you are the lord!
One bullet means one death!
Very realistic hitting feelings, amazing sound effect, and vivid scenes! All of those make you unable to stop!
Take up your gun and kill those terrorists!
You need to be calm, cool-headed, and relentless! Breathe! Only headshots can give you the highest honor!

Death Shooting-Hunt leader (Free Game) is a First Person Shooter! In the game, you are a sniper fighting in battles. You should finish every quest and upgrade your weapons and equipments! Combos will bring you extra bonus!

★★★★★ Gorgeous visual effects
★★★★★ Smooth game control feelings
★★★★★ Rich sub-quests
★★★★★ More powerful weapons and power-ups
★★★★★ Exciting game sound effect


Категория: Аркады и экшн
Закачек: >250000
Размер: 16.9 MB
Опубликовано: 2013-08-05
Обновлено: 2013-08-05

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[2013-08-05] A Google User:
Awsome Awsome app its a real killer
[2013-08-05] A Google User:
DO NOT INSTALL! Tried to install. Successfully installed quickly, but the app was in some Asian language. It then immediately froze my phone. I had to reset my phone to get it working again. Droid RAZR HD MAXX.
[2013-08-05] A Google User:
Very nice Vety nice gam
[2013-08-05] A Google User:
Galaxy music DUOS Excellent
[2013-08-05] A Google User:
Death shooting Good
[2013-08-05] A Google User:
[2013-08-05] A Google User:
Good Good game in my mtag 352
[2013-08-05] A Google User:
downloading is slow need to download fast
[2013-08-05] A Google User:
Death shooting hunter My crazy
[2013-08-05] A Google User:
?cool apps,.... This is really avoid. Good games .I like it must.
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