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Разработано Italy Games

Arrow Defense is the #1 acclaimed action fantasy defense game available on Google Play.

The Undead Horde of vampires, werewolves and mummies are at your town gates, the villagers are on the brink of death, and only your troops stand between the enemy and complete annihilation! Use your finger to slide a vast arsenal of weapons together and flick to fire at your command before the monsters break down your door.

Now get ready for an epic journey to defend your town!

How to Play:
- Slide the weapons together in a group of 3 or more
- Slide the group of weapons to the front launch area
- Flick the weapons forward to fire at the monsters

Game Features:
- Hours of gameplay with 60 levels & more to come
- Extra Endless game mode that will challenge your tactical skills to the limit
- 5 specialized weapons and 5 uniquely designed power-ups to customize your strategy
- High definition awesome illustrated cartoon art


Категория: Аркады и экшн
Закачек: >250000
Размер: 5.2 MB
Опубликовано: 2013-03-05
Обновлено: 2013-03-05

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Права доступа: 6 (показать/скрыть полный список)

Системное имя пакета: com.xs.monsterwar

Комментарии и оценки пользователей для Arrow Defense

[2013-02-08] A Google User:
=] Awesome!!
[2013-02-08] A Google User:
Arrow Desense Best game ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[2013-02-08] A Google User:
Showed white boxes in place of shooters and bad guys. Huge bug
[2013-02-08] A Google User:
Wow ! good graphics and nice quality . LOVE IT. haha
[2013-02-08] A Google User:
Its good Like!
[2013-02-08] A Google User:
Nice Nice
[2013-02-08] A Google User:
Great Nice
[2013-02-08] A Google User:
Below average. Not a fan, personally. It basically boils down to pray and spray after a very short time, and the haphazard movement of weapons only lends the game an air of imprecision. Might give it another go some months down the line...
[2013-02-08] A Google User:
Hi this is gud Gud
[2013-02-08] A Google User:
FDWG this is not review by chaw kei hoog
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