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Разработано Vivoti

TrueWeather animates the current weather, day and night as a live wallpaper for your phone or tablet. The weather is reported for your current location or specified cities. The live wallpaper is animated in full HD.

Main features of full version are:

- Current weather situation.
- Four different animated live wallpapers for 4 seasons (spring, summer, autumn, winter). Season is automatically selected depending on your location and date.
- Accurate animation of sunrise and sunset.
- The current phase of the moon.
- Choice of two weather providers.
- 6 or 10-day forecast, depending on the weather provider (start with double tap on the wallpaper, see video).
- Feels like temperature.
- Wind speed and direction
- Humidity
- Quick access to 2nd city(triple tap wallpaper)
- Lots of settings
- Amazing interactive animation
- In the autumn, speed of windmill depends on the current wind speed
- In the spring, flowers fall from the tree depends on the current wind speed, etc...
- Rain, Snow depends on the wind speed, etc...
- Optimization for CPU and Battery usage
- Portrait & Landscape mode
- Weather data in 21 languages (English, Italian, Russian, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Norwegian, Czech, Arabic, Thai, Turkish, Polish, Hungarian, Finnish, Slovak, Hindi, Japanese, Romanian, Portuguese and Korean)

Tip: How to set TrueWeather live wallpaper?
1. Press HOME button
2. Press MENU button
3. Tap on Wallpaper -> Live wallpapers
4. TrueWeather, wait a few seconds!
5. Set wallpaper

Tip: How to set the windmill theme?:
1. Go to TrueWeather wallpaper settings (HOME->MENU->Wallpaper->Live Wallpapers->TrueWeather->Settings...)
2. Scroll to Year seasons
3. Uncheck: Spring,Summer,Winter
4. Check: Autumn
5. Scroll to and press "Save" button
6. Press Home button and wait a few seconds
7. Now you should see windmill theme.
Tip: To reduce battery consumption set FPS to 30 in TrueWeather advanced wallpaper settings)

If you have any questions or suggestions do not hesitate to contact us (

P.S. If you like our app, please rate it with 5 stars. Thank you.


Категория: Погода
Закачек: 5000-10000
Размер: 9.8 MB
Опубликовано: 2013-01-30
Обновлено: 2013-01-30

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Системное имя пакета: com.vivoti.trueweather

Комментарии и оценки пользователей для True Weather LWP

[2013-01-10] A Google User:
Meh I'm only giving it 4 because the selection of decent live weather wallpapers is very slim and this is probably in the top 4. It doesn't allow you to turn the temp display off. On Home screens (and some lock screens) it will be obscured by icons or widgets anyway. Just add option to put temp in notification bar (like Weather Bug). The animation is somewhat boring compared to other live HD wallpapers but it is one of the better live weather ones. The main downfall on these is that I can see the weather if I look outside. I'd love an option to select how many days out 1-3 you want it to show. So for instance if it is rainy today but predicted to be sunny tomorrow, the wallpaper is sunny. That would be really cool.
[2012-12-22] A Google User:
Motorola RAZR M I absolutely love this wallpaper! Updates fine and very accurate. The graphics are excellent and it has vivid color. The depth of field is incredible and I love the raindrops hitting the screen! Well done!
[2012-12-20] A Google User:
Epic. I like the new clouds better than the old ones, and I'm also pretty sure, that these don't eat that much of resources.
[2012-12-19] A Google User:
Some minor problem When I relaunch the wallpaper, the wallpaper won't move when I swipe on my note 2 only by restarting my phone then it work, but when reapply the wallpaper by setting the theme it wont move again..need tp restart again..
[2012-12-18] A Google User:
Broken Worked great for a while now hasn't worked in weeks no reply from developer either.
[2012-12-13] A Google User:
Very good Very good live weather wallpaper. Clouds could be improved to make them look more realistic and rain drops on the screen would be good too.
[2012-12-10] A Google User:
Galaxy note 2 Absolutely the best live wallpaper I've seen. Would like to see the rain hit the display and small snow build up on the bottom from time to time. Runs amazingly smooth on my phone.
[2012-12-07] A Google User:
Awesome app It's a bit pricy but it seems to be worth the cost for a live weather app. The only thing I would change is to add more backgrounds
[2012-12-06] A Google User:
Junk, waste of money. Does not work properly on Samsung exhibit 2 with gingerbread operating system. Keeps glitching and will also randomly place clouds over other apps as your using them. Even after changing back to standard picture wallpaper this live one is still popping up clouds randomly. Tried contacting developer, and message was bounced back to me. Don't waste paying for this app if you have same phone and operating system.
[2012-12-04] A Google User:
True Weather LWP You guys are something else not everyone would have taken the time out to help someone out with a teck problem in such a timely manner. Your wallpaper is the best and so are you guys. All my Thanks !!! p.s. everything is working flawless, two thumbs up !,,. !,,. I'll be back .,,! .,,! 4 more... B-)
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