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Иконка для Weather for France 1.18

Weather for France (v. 1.18)

ID Mobile SA опубликовал приложение 2013-01-28
(обновлено 2013-01-28)

Find quickly and easily every day the weather forecast LIVE for France supervised 24/24 by weather forecasters French experts updated up to 10X a day!  

- Weather forecast for the morning / afternoon / evening
- Value of forecast reliability
- Probability of sunshine and precipitations
- Perceived temperature
- Average, mimimum and maximum temparature
- Wind force, wind direction, gust force
- Limit of snowfall
- Limit zero degrees
- Fog

tags:Weather,France,forecast,time,rain,sun,wind,snow,fog,cold,hot,temperature, mogo.ch, source: meteonews

Иконка для Weather for Switzerland 1.16

Weather for Switzerland (v. 1.16)

ID Mobile SA опубликовал приложение 2013-01-28
(обновлено 2013-01-28)

Find quickly and easily every day the weather forecast LIVE for Switzerland supervised 24/24 by weather forecasters Swiss experts updated up to 10X a day!

- Weather forecast for the morning / afternoon / evening
- Value of forecast reliability
- Probability of sunshine and precipitations
- Perceived temperature
- Average, mimimum and maximum temparature
- Wind force, wind direction, gust force
- Limit of snowfall
- Limit zero degrees
- Fog

Exposure for 5 days in landscape mode.

Weather, Switzerland, forecast, time, rain, sun, wind, snow, fog, cold, hot, temperature, mogo.ch, source: meteonews

Иконка для Das Wetter in Deutschland 2.9.1

Das Wetter in Deutschland (v. 2.9.1)

surfcheck.info опубликовал приложение 2013-01-25
(обновлено 2015-05-19)

Stay up to date with the current weather conditions in Germany - and in the world via the Weather station widget.

Das Wetter in Deutschland now contains more than 27 maps, forecasts and other items!

- Forecasts for today, this evening and tomorrow
- Satellite images (visible light + infra red)
- Detailed Wetterlage and text-forecast
- Maps showing the current temperatures and wind speed.
- UV prediction for today and tomorrow
- Animated weather map (several days in advance)
- Weather alarm + Coastal alarm
- Precipitation radar
- Rotate your device to view full screen
- Four app widgets bring live weather information to your home screen, including weather station widget working world wide!

Data is downloaded from the German national meteorological institute DWD. Due to the nature of this source, some content is written in German.

> widgets only work when you run the app from phone memory, move to SD card will disable it.

We do our utmost to deliver you the best software and data available in the market, but of course we cannot guarantee the proper functioning or accuracy of both. Data sources can change over time. You can not derive rights from this information. By downloading and using Das Wetter in Deutschland you accept these terms.

The rough location permission is necessary to enable the Weather station widget to show you your local weather data. It is not used nor stored for anything else at all.

Иконка для Piet! 1.5

Piet! (v. 1.5)

Gemoro b.v. опубликовал приложение 2013-01-25
(обновлено 2013-01-25)

Piet's app is the multimedia platform of Dutch weatherman Piet Paulusma. This app is only available in Dutch. In this app you will find the weatherforcast for Holland or your specific location.

Иконка для Croatia Weather 2.0.2

Croatia Weather (v. 2.0.2)

dDave опубликовал приложение 2013-01-24
(обновлено 2013-01-24)

Croatia weather forecast for more then 40 cities.


- 7 days weather forecast
- 3 days weather forecast (more details)
- current weather (temperature, pressure, humidity, wind, sky)
- sea temperatures
- web cameras
- basic city info

Croatia Weather forecast uses Google Map to display weather informations.


1. Bio-weather forecast for next few days.
2. Web cameras for more then 20 cities.
3. Satellite image
4. Radar images
5. UV-index
6. ECMWF and Aladin maps

Weather informations used by this application are downloaded from Croatian Meteorological and hydrological service (DHMZ).

Иконка для Astronomy : Sun 75.0

Astronomy : Sun (v. 75.0)

Appastrophe опубликовал приложение 2013-01-21
(обновлено 2015-04-29)

The Universe really has its ways to make us stare in awe : Suns   The galaxy at its very best.  Keywords : Sun, News & Weather, Astronomy

Иконка для World Weather 1.4

World Weather (v. 1.4)

MapXL Inc опубликовал приложение 2013-01-19
(обновлено 2013-01-19)

The World Weather is a free application created to check the daily weather conditions and forecasts of the major cities in the world on the go. The weather utility provides reliable, accurate and timely weather information from across the world with the help of an active internet connection as the live weather data comes from the World Meteorological Organization.

The app has an easy to use interface from which the user can browse through the world continents and select the country and city of interest. It displays the current weather conditions and shows the weather forecast for up to next two days. Climatological information can also be viewed over the year for different months. The user can search any city through the search option and bookmark them for easy reference.

Иконка для Weather Services 2.4

Weather Services (v. 2.4)

Weather Services Group опубликовал приложение 2013-01-17
(обновлено 2013-01-17)

For more details, check our new website:


***NEW*** Themes Unlocker - unlocks and use all themes for FREE !
***NEW*** Themes Upload - create and share your own theme with other users !

Get the latest current conditions, forecasts, weather charts, maps, webcams and more with largest network of professional weather stations all over the world in a great looking style!

FEATURES, or what makes this a FULL PACKAGE:
- Live and detailed local weather conditions and forecasts
- Access up to tens of thousands locations around the world
- Exact dynamic and automated current location search with 'My Location' functionality
- 6 desktop weather widgets with (Flip Clock 4x2, Forecast 4x2, large Widget 4x2, Forecast 4x1, Clock 4x1, Mini 1x1)
- Notification bar icon witch temperature and weather details*
- Up to 10 active locations
- Weather Alerts
- Dual clock time support

- Live Webcams for every location to see the real weather conditions (largest webcams network)
- Forecast Charts
- Weather Forecast Maps for precipitation, clouds, temperatures and wind (also in HD available)**
- Choose weather data provider which fits your location best (WeatherBug, Google weather or YR.NO)

- THEMES - customize your app by one click or create your own !
- Fully graphical customizable (font types, backgrounds, colors, text outline …)
- Fully customizable app settings (units, startup, updates, notification bar…)

- One of the best battery consumption application on the Market
- Quick access to your default clock and calendar applications
- Cached weather data for offline viewing
- Easy use and high-impact visual eye candy views
- Broad OS compatibility: Android 1.6+, QVGA, WQVGA400/432, HVGA, WVGA800/854

And there is more to come, we develop and improve our app continuously.

If you like Weather Services-RATE US. Thank you and enjoy!

If you are experiencing any issues, please make sure your data connectivity is up & running. Vast majority of our low ratings are because of local issues, please contact us and let us help you first:

Contact: support@android-weather.com

Relase notes:
Fixed: THEMES UNLOCKER fixed !
Fixed: Wrong temperature for some another locations got from GPS localization service fixed
Fixed: After "night without data enabled" weather refresh doesn't start automatically
Added: Widget click on clock configurable application (configure in main application settings)
Fixed: Android OS 4.2 optimization !
Fixed: Weather data for some locations in US with wrong temperature fixed

Fixed: Summer/Winter "dual" time on some locations
Fixed: Wrong month number in Alerts
Fixed: White line on notifications layout

Fixed: few F/C fixes from reported problems for specific devices

Fixed: Notification bar & temp. icon colors
Fixed: Notifications about new version fixed.
Fixed: FREE Themes unlocker (new version)
Fixed: Notification bar location name length for HiRes devices fixed
Fixed: F/C on night time icons for some locations fixed

Older release notes removed...(v2.2)-(v1.0)

* notification bar icon is not displayed properly on JellyBean-->Google OS changes, we are working on a reimplementation on JB
** we provide Forecast Maps, which are not Live Radars, as some may exchange this expression. Live Radars are being developed and will come soon

Иконка для Weather : Twister 23.0

Weather : Twister (v. 23.0)

Appastrophe опубликовал приложение 2013-01-14
(обновлено 2013-01-14)

Nature really has its ways to make us stare in awe : Twisters   Nature at its very best.  Keywords : Twister, News & Weather, storm, wallpaper.

Иконка для IoBridge Temperature Widget 1.2

IoBridge Temperature Widget (v. 1.2)

Paul Mancini опубликовал приложение 2013-01-13
(обновлено 2013-01-13)

This widget will display the value returned from an IoBridge temperature sensor.  Simply provide your API feed key and channel number and the widget will do the rest. (Requires properly configured IoBridge module and temperature sensor sold separately at www.iobridge.com).  Questions, comments and suggestions are welcome.

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