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Have you ever wanted or needed to communicate with someone who didn't speak your language?
Vocre Translate is a fun and easy way to have a conversation with someone who speaks a different language.

Vocre Translate provides a Table-Top user interface, which is great for sitting at a table, possibly over lunch & ready to have a more lengthy conversation.

Today's world is more connected than ever before; however, language still divides us. Vocre Translate breaks down the language barrier, and brings us all closer - no matter where we are or what language we speak.

Vocre Translate is your perfect travel companion, and works quickly, allowing you to understand -- and be understood -- almost anywhere on Earth.

Being able to communicate in-person with anyone, in their native language and dialect is just the beginning for Vocre Translate. Soon, we will add new features that will allow you to make a phone call or have a quick chat with anyone, anywhere.

Vocre Translate gives people the ability to talk to anyone in any language. Our world is full of people worth talking to. Now, nothing is holding you back.

Supported Languages/Countries:
• Arabic - Egypt
• Arabic - Saudi Arabia
• Arabic - United Arab Emirates
• Chinese Cantonese - Hong Kong
• Chinese Mandarin - China
• Chinese Mandarin - Taiwan
• Czech - Czech Republic
• Danish - Denmark
• Dutch - Netherlands
• English – Australia
• English – United Kingdom
• English – United States
• Finnish - Finland
• French – Canada
• French – France
• German - Germany
• Greek - Greece
• Hungarian - Hungary
• Indonesian - Indonesia (no voice output)
• Italian - Italy
• Japanese - Japan
• Korean - Korea
• Malay - Malaysia (no voice output)
• Norwegian Nynorsk - Norway
• Polish - Poland
• Portuguese - Brazil
• Portuguese - Portugal
• Romanian - Romania (no voice output)
• Russian - Russia
• Slovak - Slovakia (no voice output)
• Spanish – Mexico
• Spanish – Spain
• Spanish – United States
• Swedish - Sweden
• Turkish - Turkey
• Vietnamese - Vietnam (no voice output)

Some of the most common language pairs are:
• English to Arabic
• English to Chinese
• English to French
• English to Italian
• English to Japanese
• English to Korean
• English to German
• English to Portuguese
• English to Russian
• English to Spanish
• English to Vietnamese
• Arabic to English
• Chinese to English
• French to English
• German to English
• Italian to English
• Japanese to English
• Korean to English
• Portuguese to English
• Russian to English
• Spanish to English
• Vietnamese to English

Speech Recognition powered by Nuance.
Text-to-Speech voices powered by iSpeech.

*Vocre Translate is not just a translator app, it is a translator app that allows you to have a back-and-forth conversation with someone who speaks a different language. Vocre Translate is a translator app designed to be easy to use and melt into the background, a translator app that acts as your own personal interpreter.

*Vocre Translate is in active development and we value our users' feedback to help us improve Vocre Translate. Contact us in-app via email and let us know your thoughts.

Oh, and if you're having any trouble pronouncing 'Vocre,' it rhymes with 'hooray' -- not 'mediocre.' ;)

* Vocre Translate requires an Internet connection (3G, 4G, or WiFi) in order to perform translations.


Закачек: 5000-10000
Размер: 4.9 MB
Опубликовано: 2013-03-04
Обновлено: 2015-06-01

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Комментарии и оценки пользователей для Vocre Translate

[2013-08-03] A Google User:
Joselopeznews Es Bueno Te Estoy Refiriendo A Esta Aplicasion
[2013-07-05] A Google User:
Yes Got me some Brazil booty thanks to V.
[2013-05-10] A Google User:
Total Waste of Money Very poorly written app. No feedback when pressing buttons. Can't tell if it is frozen or thinking. Impossible to use when you need it. I bought after reading a glowing review which must have been a paid endorsement. Do NOT buy. I use a droid 4 which is dual core. Worst waster of $4 EVER!!!!
[2013-05-09] A Google User:
Amazing app I have tried this app and it's amazing. This app is a fun to use and was easy to communicate with people. Buy it.
[2013-04-26] A Google User:
Great but.....needs one thing This app is missing just one thing it's to write the translated word or sentence in a way I can spell it just like Google translator. (I'm personally trying to learn Japanese and this app doesn't show me the word or the sentence in English ,so I cannot spell it correctly). If you add this feature the app is going to be the best ever....
[2013-03-25] A Google User:
Interesting but not all that useful There is absolutely NO WAY this app can allow you to carry out a conversation in two languages with the flow and speed of real-world speech as its video suggested! However, if you break it down into single words without any grammatical structure, it might be able to get your meaning across. A gross oversight is its need for an internet connection to work coz you most likely need this app when you're abroad & ROAMING! It should let users download data beforehand & work offline!!
[2013-03-17] A Google User:
Samsung Galaxy note 2 When I translate into English 2 Korean not accurate need more improvement
[2013-03-14] A Google User:
Not connecting It won't connect to the link, what a waste
[2013-02-08] A Google User:
great good
[2013-02-05] A Google User:
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