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Разработано ALK Technologies

CoPilot Live Premium is the essential voice-guided sat nav app to get you where you need to go, by the way that suits you best.

Detailed street maps of one single European region (e.g. UK + Ireland) are stored on-board your Android phone or tablet (select and download your map region via WiFi after installation) so you don’t need to rely on your mobile connection for navigation.

★★★★★ "The best paid-for nav app" – Stuff
★★★★★ "A great smartphone satnav app" - The Register
★★★★★ "It blew all its rivals out of the water" - Smartphone Essentials

CoPilot Live Premium equips you with a unique range of advanced features to help you enjoy a better journey.
✔ Full turn-by-turn guidance and clear directions with the latest text-to-speech voice technology
✔ Lane indicator arrows and realistic ClearTurn™ view make complex junctions simple
✔ Unique interactive route editing: tap and drag to change your route or destination
✔ Powerful pre-trip planning and route calculator give you a choice of three routes to take

Premium quality NAVTEQ maps as used by the best in-dash systems are stored on your phone, so you can even navigate without a mobile signal.
✔ Detailed street maps of one European Region stored on-board your phone or tablet. Select and download your region via WiFi after installation
✔ Thousands of useful Points of Interest (POIs) that you can dial from in-app

Quite simply, no other app offers this level of safety.
✔ Unique directions-only driver safety mode only displays a map close to turns for minimal distraction
✔ Automatic day-night mode switching reduces screen glare
✔ Speed limit warnings
✔ Safety camera alerts as standard with FREE updates

ActiveTraffic™ scans your route for traffic hold-ups and automatically provides a new route if it saves you time.
✔ Provides the fastest route based on real time traffic speeds
✔ Automatically calculates a quicker route if a significant delay is detected
✔ 12 months traffic service included as standard

CoPilot Live provides instant local knowledge to guide you to any destination in car or on foot.
✔ Just tap on the map, POI, street, restaurant, station, car park etc. for instant directions
✔ Integrated Wikipedia and Bing™ Local Search give you a built-in guide for everywhere you go
✔ Walking Mode

3D and 2D map views – trip status display - instant detour – in-app music controls - favourite and recent destinations – personal routing options – avoid toll roads – Twitter and Facebook status updates – local weather information - and much more!

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Размер: 19.5 MB
Опубликовано: 2012-07-11
Обновлено: 2012-07-11

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[2012-06-13] Mike:
User Interface is poor and the routing has lots of annoying quirks, like it will tell you to get off and then rejoin a dual carriageway needlessly.
[2012-06-12] Nigel:
Excellent On HTC Wildfire: caused phone to crash, gave up and went back to previous version.
[2012-06-12] Tom:
Excellent Works flawlessly on SGS3 ICS. worth £25 compared to stand alone sat nav. Especially when it includes a year of traffic updates.
[2012-06-11] Philip:
Galaxy S3 Lots of problems no active traffic will not transfer subscription my places will not work.
[2012-06-10] David:
Co-Pilot Live OK but buggy on Galaxy S3 with freezes and crashes. Hopefully an update will solve this.
[2012-06-09] Paul:
Traffic Disappeared! Where has my active traffic gone! I have 22 month left and since upgrading to a HTC One X It's not working. Can't even send Co Pilot a in app message either! Not happy!
[2012-06-09] Rob:
Ripped off Had a v8 license and paid for this upgrade. ALK are now giving it away as a free upgrade. Feel cheesed off by that! Not good at looking after their customers.
[2012-06-08] j0hn:
A little buggy, easy fixes but copilot clearly dont care Gets very confused in central london. Its key selling point to me, custom routes + waypoints is good. UI is not good while driving, some things too small to click.
[2012-06-08] Carl:
Great app! Well worth the money.
[2012-06-07] Robin:
Good In Parts Even though my screen is small and not particularly hi-res I find my ageing eyesight copes well with the display. On the road the method of entering a destination is a little long winded but accurate most of the time. If you live in a road that CoPilot doesn't have house numbers for then not so accurate. Most bad reports appear to be down to finger trouble. Walking mode, don't bother. Map swings wildly with endless repeated instructions. Driving mode four stars. Walking mode one star.
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