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CoPilot Live Premium is the full-featured voice-guided GPS navigation app to get you where you need to go, by the way that suits you best.

Detailed street maps of Australia and New Zealand are stored on-board your Android phone or tablet (select and download your map region via WiFi after installation) so you don’t need to rely on your mobile connection for navigation. Safety camera alerts are a standard feature.

"Still the best paid-for nav app" Stuff Magazine

"A great smartphone satnav app" The Register

■ The Best Route for You: CoPilot Live Premium puts you in control, with a choice of routes to your destination. Think you know better than CoPilot? Simply drag your route or destination to a different street for the ultimate in personal navigation.

■ Tap, Discover, Go! Tap on the map to go there, discover more information or share the location with friends via Facebook or Twitter. Search Wikipedia or Google directly from CoPilot and find all the local places you need.

All the navigation features you need, when you need them:

✔ Clear, non-distracting 3D, 2D and Directions guidance door to door
✔ Lane indicator arrows and realistic ClearTurn™ view make complex junctions simple
✔ Alternate Routes: choose from up to 3 ways to your destination
✔ Drag the route or destination to fine-tune your itinerary
✔ Navigate to a house number, street, contact, favourite or geo-coded photo
✔ Interactive map: tap on any road to navigate there or discover location-specific details
✔ Offline walking mode with support for digital compass
✔ Speed limit display and warnings if you exceed it
✔ Park My Car to easily locate your vehicle
✔ Powerful pre-trip planning and unique multi-stop itinerary optimizer

High quality street maps from NAVTEQ:
✔ Detailed street maps of Australia and New Zealand on-board your smartphone or tablet
✔ Thousands of useful Points of Interest (POIs) that you can dial from in-app

Live Services to keep you informed on the move:
✔ Google™ Local Search
✔ Find interesting places nearby using Wikipedia
✔ In-app Facebook and Twitter status updates
✔ Real-time weather forecasts

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Размер: 19.6 MB
Опубликовано: 2013-01-29
Обновлено: 2013-01-29

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Комментарии и оценки пользователей для CoPilot Live Premium AUS + NZ

[2012-10-02] Chris:
Speeds are wrong Cannot report to Navteq, wasted enough time trying to help fix your bad map data!! You should take this on, rather than handball to a third party. Speeds south of Kwinana Freeway, south of Mundijong are wrong. So called "Australian" voice is an insult. Sounds like some british person try to sound Australian. Do you really think we sound like that? No speeds near Bunbury, a city in WA. Without speeds, I might as well use Google Navigator.
[2012-07-20] E:
Poor NZ street search Frustratingly poor NZ street search. Places my family and I have lived for 30 years dont show even thought manually you can find. Not much use if you dont get a hit. Major mission wine venue napier not on list. Data is in the maps but the poor street name index lets this product down. Needs street index update to include 30 year old provincial streets..say to 2011 perhaps?
[2012-07-19] johannes:
A little buggy The speed limits displayed are frequently inaccurate. In one instance a limit of 90km/he was displayed where the actual limit was 60km/hr. The displayed ETAs are wildly optimistic. The ClearTurn feature will not work even on major six lane metropolitan routes of a city of around 1 million inhabitants.
[2012-06-02] the 6/18/2012 :</b><br />
						Great app	One improvement would be for the app to work with address outside itself, eg appointment address. Also I can't seem to get traffic to work
					<td align=
[2012-05-26] Wade:
Good start but some problems. The new update didn't show 3d maps. To get this back just reset the defaults. There is a problem showing dire tions. The old version used to show the directions and map. It needs to allow more that 2 info sections. I like to see distance time remaining eta and speed. - often overcalculates route time by up to 50 % - doesn't show the quickest routes. Tends to stick to main roads.
[2012-05-25] Serban:
Excellent app Very happy with the application. It does everything it promises. Thank you.
[2012-05-22] VRaptor:
Very nice Works nicely in OZ. Much better than competition. Very few map flicking. Common to close competitor. Very precise routes, avoiding no through roads, where competition didn't...
[2012-05-05] Peter K:
DON'T BY THIS APP The basic functionality works fine. But the poor service, denial and general chain dragging I got when I reported a bug deserves a negative review . If you pay money for this application and need support you won't get it. It started out as a minor thing. I reported that destination addresses can not be entered while XT9 predictive text is on. The response was a stream of nonsense and denial. First that my operating system must be out of date. Then that I must be running an older version of copilot .
[2012-05-04] hipitihop:
Simply best out there I have been using CoPilot in Australia for nearly 10 years, first time was on a HP Ipaq 4150. Tried iPhone version and now on Android HTC Desire, beats dedicated GPS navigation systems, simply the best navigation period. Can't wait for voice based control & destination entry for true hands free driving
[2012-04-23] willnjen:
Best I've tried so far!
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