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Разработано Timothy Buzzelli

The easiest World Edit tool for Minecraft Pocket Edition! It FLOATS right over your screen!
You can use this app to edit your worlds without ever needing to leave the game!!!**

Here is the link to the example video:


*Please note: This app is a tool for Minecraft, it is NOT Minecraft itself and is NOT affiliated with Mojang in any way, it is only a WORLD EDIT tool for Minecraft Pocket Edition


Did you ever wish that you could copy your house from one world to another? How about turn your boring one story house into a sky scraper? Or what about make your "beach front" house, actually face the ocean by rotating it? Or what about replacing all the wood in your log cabin to diamond blocks instead ( To avoid fires of course ;) )?

Well, now you can!!! Just by using World Edit for MCPE! It floats right over everything else so editing your worlds is a breeze! It includes options such as:





+Replace All

+Replicate Up


+AND Rotations!


+Super easy and fast BACKUP and RESTORE buttons!

+Floating teleporter window as well

+Inventory Editor window(Not as soon as the above two)

Also includes a video tutorial and a picture tutorial on how to use this amazing tool!

**Please note that this application sometimes may not work right if you have mods installed in Minecraft PE

***If you bought the previous app "Minecraft World Edit", please note that it has been replaced with this one. Send me an email at and I will refund the old purchase so you do not need to pay twice.***


Категория: Инструменты
Закачек: 500-1000
Размер: 4.7 MB
Опубликовано: 2013-03-28
Обновлено: 2013-03-28

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Комментарии и оценки пользователей для World Edit for MCPE

[2013-03-27] A Google User:
Amazing Definitely worth the money. Works likeba charm of my gs3. Always works and is very stable.I don't normaly rate apps but this one is above any of my expectations!
[2013-03-26] A Google User:
I LOVE THIS APP It is so useful! The replicate up function makes it really easy to make huge sky scrapers!!!!!!!! :) :) :)
[2013-03-26] A Google User:
Just like McEdit on pc It works perfectly! I can't wait for new amazing features. I love how you don't need to switch apps like pocketinvpro.
[2013-03-26] A Google User:
:) finally! A good editor This is definently the best tool for mcpe ever!!! Its so useful!!!
[2013-03-26] A Google User:
=D !!!AWESOME!!! =D I love it soooooo much :) :). My city looks so cool! It looks just like NYC and I have only been working for a few hours BC of this app!
[2013-03-26] A Google User:
does not work I tried to replace and replace all and it did nothing after i watched the vid
[2013-03-25] A Google User:
Nice but there is some bugs... Really clever and well made app but there are some crucial bugs which need to be fixed one is when you press the ticket it may take ages and then when you do any other thing on it it will hold up all the ticks and then half a hour later all of them will say replace meant done and crash whatever app you are on I will rate 5 stars if this gets fixed please email if you want to know about any other bugs thanks this app has great potential thanks for reading Oh OK thanks for letting me know :))))
[2013-03-25] A Google User:
How do I do this I read the instructions but their not helpful please make a better app like this one
[2013-03-25] A Google User:
Pure Amazing! I use it all the time This app is amazing! I have been impressing all my friends with my huge city full of sky scrapers and roads! I love how if I want to change the block a building is made out of, I CAN WITH JUST A FEW CLICKS :) this app is well worth it!
[2013-03-25] A Google User:
Very good All I would want is, in game world edit..... exiting and entering is kinda annoying
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