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Christmas Ringtones App

Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas!
Christmas! Christmas! Merry Christmas!

It's Christmas once again! These high quality Christmas ringtones are a simple way of spreading the festive cheer and joy. Christmas Christmas Christmas!

* Press and hold the screen to open the ringtone menu

Recent changes:
* 9 New Ringtones!
* Bug fixes
* Save each ringtone independently (To be able to set different ringtones for each contact)


Категория: Темы оформления
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Размер: 5.3 MB
Опубликовано: 2010-12-19
Обновлено: 2010-12-19

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Комментарии и оценки пользователей для Android Christmas Ringtones

[2010-12-09] mick:
Ho.Ho.Ho.a bad.
[2010-12-09] Nicole:
My kids love playing w/ this app. Cute.
[2010-12-08] jal:
Great variety of styles. Not bad for a free app. No titles tho so you have to listen to them to figure what the tune is.
[2010-12-07] Lori:
You've got to be kidding! Who dug the midi player out of the attic. Has to be one of the worst ringtone apps. available.
[2010-12-07] ajens:
Has some good songs but they are super quiet for the most part. To have them loud enough the rest of my notification sounds are ear-shattering!
[2010-12-06] Caroline:
I LOVE all the choices! Excellent FREE app. Motorola Android.
[2010-12-06] Michele Liskey:
Song files are ok, but the soundboard style format is junk. Can't stop the song and nothing is labeled.
[2010-12-05] tiffanie:
Best xmas ringtones i have found! Very simple to use.
[2010-12-05] Stacy:
Cute not to bad
[2010-12-04] Michael:
I love this app. Its the best one i have
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