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This ADW theme aims to give your device class and elegance. It includes an Icon Pack, Wallpapers and Docks to choose from.

**Compatibility List**
*ADW.Launcher - wallpapers, icon pack & theme
*ADW.Launcher EX - wallpapers, icon pack, theme and docks
*Apex Launcher Pro - wallpapers, icon pack & theme

**Please Note**
*You MUST have at least one version of ADW installed on your device and have it set as the default home launcher. You apply the theme through ADW's Theme Preferences under ADW Settings.
*This theme does not open on its own so please don't rate 1 star if you do not know how to use this theme.
*To replace the middle action button please use the provided Icon Pack which work on both ADW versions.
*In some cases you may need to re-start ADW under ADW's Settings, to see the recent changes.

This ADWTheme is based off of the concept by Jedipottsy on XDA - It includes icons from the Token set by Evan Brooks - - and additional icons from the AwOken Awesome Token icon set by alecive - The main wallpaper, Blue energy, comes from pr09studio -

**Icon Requests**
*Want more icons? Request them here:


Категория: Темы оформления
Закачек: >250000
Размер: 2.5 MB
Опубликовано: 2010-12-05
Обновлено: 2013-08-16

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Системное имя пакета: com.jaguirre.elegant

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Снимок экрана adwelegant-theme

Комментарии и оценки пользователей для ADW.Elegant Theme

[2013-06-26] A Google User:
Best Best icons period.
[2013-06-18] A Google User:
Only of it's kind, but... SO limited and NO organization!!
[2013-06-09] A Google User:
Pretty good Love the icons. Hate to complain about a free app, but needs hangouts update. Many of the really common utilities are not themed (gsam, CPU spy, trickster, etc). If you made a donate version with more updates, I'd buy.
[2013-06-09] A Google User:
nice I love it
[2013-06-04] A Google User:
pretty nice pretty nice.
[2013-06-02] A Google User:
Loving this one.. Please update with new icons for new applications. Thanks
[2013-06-01] A Google User:
Nice One, if not the only theme I use bits of with Apex Launcher.
[2013-05-29] A Google User:
Wow Unlike most themes, has an amazingly comprehensive icon set, which are also beautifully designed. One of those things that you can't believe is free. Lack of instagram icon seems an oversight however.
[2013-05-17] A Google User:
Is What It Says A very pretty set of icons <3 I make-a my homescreen beautiful.
[2013-05-08] A Google User:
Looking Good Nice, clean and simple. Looks great on my phone.
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