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A reloading calculator for your android phone!  See what a box of reloaded ammo will cost you to make, as well as what different prices for components will do for your cost of reloading, all right at your reloading bench!

* Calculate the cost of your ammo reloading.

* See ammo cost in 1/50/100/500/1,000 round increments.

* Save and Load different ammo profiles.


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Опубликовано: 2011-02-11
Обновлено: 2012-05-28

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Комментарии и оценки пользователей для Reloading Calc.

[2011-12-23] Kevin:
Good stuff. Thanks.
[2011-11-24] Gregg:
20 round count output Add cost for 20 rounds to compare with factory rifle boxes of shells.
[2011-10-11] Sean:
Ehhh Need to compute cost for using brass multiple times.
[2011-09-13] Topher:
Useful and fun Great to show your range mates what your 100 match grade round cost compared to theirs a they get stingy during practice before matches. ;)
[2011-07-07] Harold:
Id really like to see the profiles backed up to SD card so that I still have the info when upgrading phones
[2011-03-18] tortuga:
Cost calculator no reloading data besides what you put in by hand.
[2010-12-27] uriel:
Great reloading app for those who reload
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