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Иконка для LT keyboard v1 LTKd

LT keyboard v1 (v. LTKd)

iTo, UAB опубликовал приложение 2010-12-02
(обновлено 2010-12-02)

Lithuanian language keyboard without dictionary for Android 1.5

Иконка для Mass Contacts Delete 2.9

Mass Contacts Delete (v. 2.9)

ProboSoft опубликовал приложение 2010-12-01
(обновлено 2011-09-29)

Application helps you to remove all or part of your contacts. It is useful if you having problems with sync.
Working on 2.1 Eclair and 2.2 Froyo well and erase all contact types.


Иконка для Vip Android glasanje 1.0

Vip Android glasanje (v. 1.0)

Vip mobile d.o.o. опубликовал приложение 2010-12-01
(обновлено 2010-12-01)

Dobrodošli u aplikaciju za glasanje na Vip Android Izazovu 2.0. Iskoristite mogućnost da glasate za neku od aplikacija. Do kraja glasanja možete promeniti Vaš glas koliko god želite puta. Važiće se samo Vaš poslednji zabeleženi glas. Za više informacija posetite Vip Android Izazov 2.0 ( http://android.vipmobile.rs/ )

Иконка для А. Пушкин. Руслан и Людмила 1.0

А. Пушкин. Руслан и Людмила (v. 1.0)

Mobido опубликовал приложение 2010-12-01
(обновлено 2010-12-01)

Для вас, души моей царицы,
Красавицы, для вас одних
Времен минувших небылицы,
В часы досугов золотых,
Под шопот старины болтливой,
Рукою верной я писал;
Примите ж вы мой труд игривый!
Ничьих не требуя похвал,
Счастлив уж я надеждой сладкой,
Что дева с трепетом любви
Посмотрит, может быть, украдкой
На песни грешные мои.

Иконка для AutoStart Killer 1.1.0

AutoStart Killer (v. 1.1.0)

EasyFilter опубликовал приложение 2010-11-30
(обновлено 2010-11-30)

Some apps/services always start up automatically. Many of them are not needed, just comsuming your valuable resources.

"AutoStart Killer" is a tool to help you disable them when your phone is booting up.

It can also disable them runtime, saving battery life.

KW: auto boot killer disable auto run


Иконка для AppInventor Extender 1.3

AppInventor Extender (v. 1.3)

IamRhinoceros опубликовал приложение 2010-11-30
(обновлено 2010-11-30)

AppInventor Extender is a library that allows apps created in Google AppInventor access to additional features.  Please don't expect it to do anything on its own - its just a library!

Currently allows UrlFetching, Webframes, Shared Databases, and debugging options.

More options to come.

Иконка для KeySlinger 1.2.2

KeySlinger (v. 1.2.2)

Carnegie Mellon CyLab опубликовал приложение 2010-11-28
(обновлено 2011-09-22)

KeySlinger is used to securely exchange data among a group of users.  You may select any fields from your personal contact, photo, and/or developer-designed keys for exchange.  Each user will enter a pair of short numbers and confirm a 3-word list matches that displayed by other users' phones communicating via SSL.

- Implementation of secure group exchange protocols developed at Carnegie Mellon University.
- Uses PGP word list for visual hash confirmation.
- Members are grouped by common user ID.
- Uses SSL for client-server communication.
- Provides application calls for third-party application integration.
- Uses an existing contact or creates one for you.
- All personal data is encrypted end to end.

Иконка для Lightstreamer Stock-List Demo 1.1.0

Lightstreamer Stock-List Demo (v. 1.1.0)

Weswit Srl опубликовал приложение 2010-11-28
(обновлено 2013-07-21)

This is a demo application that shows how to use the Lightstreamer Client Library for Android. In this example, 15 stock prices are subscribed to and updated in real-time by Lightstreamer Server.

Lightstreamer is a Push Engine (aka "Comet Server" or "Real-Time Web Server") which streams live data to any type of clients.

Иконка для Ringtone 3.3

Ringtone (v. 3.3)

Hot Ringtone опубликовал приложение 2010-11-28
(обновлено 2010-11-28)

set phone ringtone,alarm ringtone,notification ringtone
search sdcard's musics to set ringtone
work on android2.2
online search ringtone
many of famous world star's latest musics.Such as:Lady GaGa,MJ,Beyonce,Rihanna,Black Eyed Peas,The Hillbilly Cat.The Ringtone are all cool.Enjoy the music or set Ringtone.Ringtone Ringtone

Recent changes:
Version 3.3 fix some bugs.
Add page function,so, there are Hundreds or Thousands ringtone from one singer.O,Ye,that means you can have all the music of a singer.

Иконка для deb App Index 1.0.1

deb App Index (v. 1.0.1)

Android DEvelopers' cluB опубликовал приложение 2010-11-27
(обновлено 2010-11-27)

deb App Index is introduce application which made by 'Android DEvelopers' cluB (abbr. deb)' member.

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