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Иконка для Gauge Battery Widget (Classic) 2.0.5 (Pro

Gauge Battery Widget (Classic) (v. 2.0.5 (Pro)

Tomas Hubalek (paid apps) опубликовал приложение 2011-08-13
(обновлено 2015-08-09)

★ Do you want to know why this is one of coolest battery widgets on the market? Visit http://www.gaugebatterywidget.com for more info ★

★ App is not working as expected? Visit http://www.gaugebatterywidget.com/faq.html for troubleshooting ★

Note: This is Pro version of Gauge Battery Widget Free. It provides exactly the same functionality as PayPal Donation Version.

- small, medium and large versions with high quality graphics
- battery percent in widget (shows percentage of battery life left)
- battery status in status bar (can be turned off!)
- configurable battery widget color options
- customize look of the widget (colors)
- shows temperature and voltage in status bar


* To improve your phone's battery you should kill running tasks, adjust screen brightness (volume), turn off wifi, gps, bluetooth and Auto-sync

* Uninstall task killer (to add into ignore list is not enough)

* Please note that very small set of features is donator only.

* Internet access permission is required for crash reports and anonymous usage metrics. Contact me if you need more details.

IMPORTANT: This app is home screen widget. Long press on home screen to install.

If you like this app please rate it!!!

If you miss some feature or see bug please DON'T RATE BAD but send me an email! I'll fix it!

Keywords: th-app-promo-reborn

Credits: feature graphics contains image from http://www.flickr.com/photos/chiaralily/4197480024/in/set-72157619178753958 released under CC license.

Иконка для cherry*  LiveWallpaper 1.2.3

cherry* LiveWallpaper (v. 1.2.3)

Rooty Pict опубликовал приложение 2011-08-04
(обновлено 2015-07-24)

Beautiful! The Analog Clock Cherry ♪

Falling cherry petals with glow

It is very cute pink ★ sakura

Home > Menu > Wallpaper > LiveWallpaper > cherry*

--Setting and Update--
Please try again when becoming an error. (After setting other wallpapers. )
- Landscape mode Doesn't support -

Иконка для Beach LWP 2.2

Beach LWP (v. 2.2)

Access Lane, Inc. опубликовал приложение 2011-08-02
(обновлено 2015-07-21)

Watch dolphins jumping in the ocean,  seagulls flying through the sky and palm tree swaying with ocean breeze.  NEW:  Sailboat added to scenery.   Get the full version!  While this free version of Beach is fully functional, the full version includes the following settings:

-  Cloud Effects:  Choose the number of clouds & speed of clouds
-  Number of Dolphins:  Choose how many dolphins there should be
-  Number of Seagulls:  Choose how many seagulls there should be
-  Wave Speed:  Choose how fast the waves should move
-  Filter Effects:  Choose primary color of the color filter for the scene
-  Black out Effect:  Choose whether to make all parts of the scene black on white
-  Choose type of boat:  Sailboat, Yacht or Cruise Ship

TO USE:  Home -> Menu -> Wallpaper -> Live Wallpapers

Live Wallpapers are NOT SUPPORTED on all phones, please check for the Live Wallpapers menu on your phone (see the TO USE section regarding how to check for this menu).

Иконка для Smoke LWP 1.6

Smoke LWP (v. 1.6)

Access Lane, Inc. опубликовал приложение 2011-08-02
(обновлено 2015-07-20)

Watch the smoke billow across your screen.  

Get the full version!   While this free version of Smoke is fully functional, the full version includes the following settings:

-  Change the speed of the smoke
-  Change the color of the smoke
-  Change the amount of smoke on screen
-  Add your own custom image or use preset image to change background

TO USE:  Home -> Menu -> Wallpaper -> Live Wallpapers

Live Wallpapers are NOT SUPPORTED on all phones, please check for the Live Wallpapers menu on your phone (see the TO USE section regarding how to check for this menu).

Иконка для Hearts Live Wallpaper FREE 1.10

Hearts Live Wallpaper FREE (v. 1.10)

maxelus.net опубликовал приложение 2011-07-23
(обновлено 2015-07-03)

Animated Hearts Live Wallpaper.
Beautiful smooth animation.

Please comment ! Thanks !

♥ Usage :
Move Screens and Hearts smooth move.

+ Fixed Nexus 10 issue.
+ Bug fixes and improvements.

:: 1.9
+ Fixed Galaxy S3 issue.
+ 2 NEW Hearts type
+ 2 NEW Background type

Thanks for help!

Иконка для Jumpgate Free Live Wallpaper 1.5

Jumpgate Free Live Wallpaper (v. 1.5)

KittehFace Software опубликовал приложение 2011-07-22
(обновлено 2015-06-30)

Soar through space with your Android friend!  Stars and asteroids whip by as fast as his jetpack can carry him!  Double tap to say hello, or do a barrel roll!

If you enjoy this, please get the full version so we can keep making these!  It contains lots of settings for flight speed, asteroid density, background color, camera speed, animation smoothing, and more.  Change the Android to a spacecraft, or remove it entirely!  Plus you can use Turbo Boost for a burst of speed!

Jumpgate also works as a Daydream on 4.2+ devices!

Иконка для New Star Trek GO Keyboard 2.0

New Star Trek GO Keyboard (v. 2.0)

star-E опубликовал приложение 2013-03-28
(обновлено 2015-06-25)

///After install don't press 'Open', just use your back button. Also, don't use the shortcut icon. Just apply the theme in the GO Keyboard settings./// *You must have GO Keyboard installed to use this theme.

With his GO Keyboard theme you can enjoy the look and feel of the computer displays in the new Star Trek movies (2009 and 2013 Into Darkness PCAP style to replace the standard LCARS). This theme is ideal for true fans or anyone who wants a sleek Sci-Fi look. This keyboard theme was designed to accompany the other New Star Trek themes, but will look great by itself.

This is a theme, so after installing don't press 'Open', just 'Done'. To apply the theme, open the menu in GO Keyboard and tap "Theme settings" then "Select theme" then find this theme and apply it. **You must have GO Keyboard installed**

Also look for:
New Star Trek Go Launcher Theme
New Star Trek GO Contacts Theme
New Star Trek Go Locker Theme
New Star Trek GO Keyboard
New Star Trek GOWidget Theme
New Star Trek Go SMS Theme
New Star Trek Live Wallpaper
New Star Trek GO Fonts
New Star Trek clock & battery skin (available free in Beautiful Widgets theme picker)
*clock updated to v2*

As you can see, I have a very complete theme pack to customize the whole phone / tablet for all parts of common use.

To get informed when I release new Star Trek themes, follow me on twitter. @SethSteen or Facebook http://www.facebook.com/new.star.trek.theme Also, if you're a Trekkie I would appreciate it if you could support my work by clicking 'g+1' or sharing it on your social networks.

If you like my work, PLEASE leave me a nice review to help me continue. Too many people never read the directions and leave a bad review saying, "It doesn't work".

*If you are having trouble and the contact developer link isn't working, please contact me at seththomaslewis@gmail.com That is my personal email so I can get notifications right away and offer the fastest support.

Иконка для Red Riding Hood Theme 1.0.1

Red Riding Hood Theme (v. 1.0.1)

Access Lane, Inc. опубликовал приложение 2011-07-17
(обновлено 2015-06-22)

The rebel side of Red Riding Hood.  

No home replacement required!  This theme automatically installs dxTop Lite, if you don't have dxTop Pro.

This theme comes with custom wallpapers, icons, ringtone, widget graphics, lock screen, etc.

Иконка для DeKonstr Clock Live Wallpaper 1.70

DeKonstr Clock Live Wallpaper (v. 1.70)

ARTware+Software опубликовал приложение 2011-07-14
(обновлено 2015-06-17)

The FREE Live Wallpaper DeKonstr Clock is a very unusual digital/analog clock and may take some time to get used to.
The DeKonstr Clock has hour, minute and second hand liberated (de-constructed) from its central and circular limitations. It is still easy to tell the time.
Watch additional hands show the month and day beside a movable digital display with time and date.

Upgrading to the ARTware Clock Collection will allow
many settings like AM/PM mode, background color, (widget like) partial screen placement and many more clocks (Astro, GeoMetric, ExZentric, KruKru, TwoTimer, MulTi, ReGular, 2Timer and Grid) with extensive options.

The "deconstructed" clock shows off your Android smartphone and looks great on Android tablets. Tested on Samsung Galaxy Tab, Galaxy Nexus, Samsung Galaxy Note II, Samsung Galaxy S2, Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy S4 (South Korea), Toshiba Thrive, Sony Tablet S, Sony Tablet P, Sony Xperia (Japan), Asus Eee Pad Transformer, Asus Nexus 7, Acer Iconia, HTC Flyer, HTC X, HTC One (Taiwan), Lenovo Idea Pad (China), Motorola Xoom, Motorola Droid (USA). This and all other ARTware apps run well on Google's new nexus 7 tablet with Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean).

If you like this app you may also like the PRO Astro Clock simulating our Solar System and PRO ReGular Clock wit extensive options.

The DeKonstr Clock Live Wallpaper (LWP) is small program that runs well on Android 2.1+ devices with Live Wallpaper including Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean (ICS).

For "first time" Live Wallpaper Users (after download):
Please go to Wallpapers -> Live Wallpaper -> DeKonstr
Please mail us for any problem or suggestions

Date and Time deconstructed by
(swiss+made modern minimal analog/digital apps)

Иконка для Space Warper Live wallpaper 4.6

Space Warper Live wallpaper (v. 4.6)

Mobile Visuals опубликовал приложение 2011-07-09
(обновлено 2015-06-09)

Space warper creates inter dimensional shapes, which warp time and space. These shapes open up gates to the tunnels that connect the universe.  

This live wallpaper is very suitable for meditation or just relaxing, while watching the shifting patterns. It can also give you mystical experiences or induce an OBE(out of body experience).

Menu>Wallpaper>LIVE wallpapers>Space warper

You can enjoy this free version for as long as you want, but the full version has much more features! You can choose between 8 different Space warper patterns! You can also create your own patterns by choosing the number of warpings and the warping seed. You will also be able to adjust the colors, the speed and much more. Battery saving functionality is included in the full version and it has no commercials.

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