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Icon for Digital Embers Live Wallpaper 1.0.4 Digital Embers Live Wallpaper (v. 1.0.4)
Разработано Cypher Cove

"...visually appealing as all getout." -Android Central

"...just downright pretty." -Android Police

Your homescreen will burst to life with a grid that lights up in an electric pattern as you touch it! The multitude of shooting sparks is hypnotic. When you aren't touching the screen, the digital embers burn with subdued colors.

This full version of the live wallpaper has many options for you to play with:
• Choose any colors you like!
• Cycle through up to four different colors with each touch of the screen!
• Choose for the colors to adapt to your battery level in real-time!
• Select from several different tile shapes!
• Customize how the background embers appear (color desaturation, darkening, and blurring).

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Категория: Персонализация
Закачек: 1000-5000
Размер: 1.3 MB
Опубликовано: 2013-01-30
Обновлено: 2013-01-30

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Комментарии и оценки пользователей для Digital Embers Live Wallpaper

[2013-01-06] A Google User:
Would love to put a picture background The black background gets a little dull after a while. I would love to put a background of my own - otherwise love it!
[2012-12-05] A Google User:
Htc sensation 4g Expected a little more I agree with the below comment pulsating screen add a scrolling screen with the same effect is give 5 but like I said I expected more but still one of the best LW iv found keep it up
[2012-11-27] A Google User:
Fun! I really love this live wallpaper ! it doesn't lag my phone and everything is pretty smooth plus it looks really fn cool good job!
[2012-11-18] A Google User:
One thing Do you think it would be possible to put a picture instead of the black background... other than that it's perfect.
[2012-11-13] A Google User:
Galaxy note 2 Beautiful
[2012-11-09] A Google User:
[2012-11-01] A Google User:
digital embers great wallpaper app! mesmerising!
[2012-10-23] A Google User:
great love the wallapaper with custom color
[2012-09-30] A Google User:
Dev contacted me.. Same person!!! :)) Whew!!! I love these apps!!!
[2012-09-25] A Google User:
Best yet satisfaction guaranteed Very pleasant visual stimulation while not being over the top
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