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US 2012 Presidential Election is an application for android that is by far the simplest way to keep you updated on the latest and upcoming news from various sources on the US 2012 Presidential Election. The app gets you the latest tweets on the trending election related hashtags. You can witness the nail biting presidential race state by state. It’s an all-in-one package designed to provide the users a holistic experience of US 2012 Presidential Election.


Закачек: 500-1000
Размер: 1.3 MB
Опубликовано: 2013-03-04
Обновлено: 2013-03-04

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Комментарии и оценки пользователей для US 2012 Presidential Election

[2012-11-11] A Google User:
Didn't work
[2012-11-08] A Google User:
Polls Didn't work on the day. Told me that a software update was required, but Google play told me that I had the latest version.....
[2012-11-07] A Google User:
Might as well be a monkey Gives the percentage of votes from days ago. Won't move its percentage. Once I check Google, it gives me a more understanding graph. Check Google for full details.
[2012-11-07] A Google User:
us 2012 presidential returns junk......did not work at all
[2012-11-06] A Google User:
Old, tired, WRONG polls... After an update less than a week ago to this app, here it is election day and your NEWEST poll is a week old. Many polls are a month or more old, and some date back to August. I'd get better info asking my dog what he thought... Then there's the fact that the majority of these pollsters are tiny independants, non credentialed, or heavily biased in one direction. Where are the big name reliable pollsters? What a waste of time and money. :(
[2012-11-06] A Google User:
Awesome App and Quick Response Really great app has everything you need and high above the other election apps (I know I tried them all) Easily worth the $.99 and quick response when I had a question. Also looks great on my tablet compared to the other apps that are only cell phone sized. Must buy if you want to keep up to date tonight. Thanks Digital Signature!
[2012-11-06] A Google User:
Good but there are some bugs. It looks great and has lots of relevant info but the polls page (no matter how I sort it) has this bug where certain states seem to stay in one place or float around however they want when I try to scroll through them. Please fix for five stars.
[2012-10-20] A Google User:
Magnus-Sweden Really like the statistics part where you can see polls in different states! Very high value for money!!
[2012-10-18] A Google User:
Polls, what I have been looking for
[2012-10-18] A Google User:
All the information I was looking for I no longer have to search Google for state poll results and election news. This app gives me all of it in one place and I can send it to my friends. And I really love the tweets thingie... My election central on the go!
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