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Иконка для Nursing Diagnosis Handbook 3.0.1

Nursing Diagnosis Handbook (v. 3.0.1)

Skyscape опубликовал приложение 2011-08-12
(обновлено 2015-08-07)

Nursing Diagnosis Handbook: A Guide to Planning Care is a bestselling resource that enables nurses to make accurate diagnoses and write care plans with ease and confidence. This latest update is based on the 9th edition and 2011 print edition with additional features, enhanced functionality and ongoing updates.

It helps nurses correlate diagnoses with known information about clients on the basis of assessment findings, established medical or psychiatric diagnoses and the current treatment plan. Its step-by-step format guides you through a process that helps you formulate a nursing diagnosis based on known information and assessment findings, identify the appropriate diagnosis and create a care plan that includes desired outcomes, interventions, and evidence-based rationales. Nursing Diagnosis Handbook is an essential care-planning resource you will turn to again and again throughout your nursing education and career.

- Features 2007-2008 NANDA-I approved nursing diagnoses, including approximately 21 new and 8 revised diagnoses
- Expands information explaining the difference between actual and potential problems in performing an assessment
- Adds detailed information on the multidisciplinary and collaborative aspect of nursing and how it affects care planning
- Provides a more detailed explanation of NIC and NOC taxonomies and their use in care planning
- Includes the latest evidence-based nursing rationales
- Provides a convenient A-to-Z organization in Section II that helps you quickly locate key information
- Patient/Family Teaching sections offer expanded wellness and health promotion information
- Evidence-based practice information is incorporated throughout
- Includes complete coverage of pediatric, geriatric, and multicultural considerations, as well as home care and client/family teaching guidelines for each condition
- Explanations of assessment versus action interventions help guide you to the correct choice of intervention

Иконка для ICE : Emergency Contact 1.4

ICE : Emergency Contact (v. 1.4)

Alexandre R. опубликовал приложение 2011-08-05
(обновлено 2015-07-25)

"ICE: Emergency Contact" is an application that helps people who have problem or who are victim of accidents. It is based on the ICE program that consists in saving a contact who is named "ICE" in your contact list. This contact has medical informations about you.

In this application, you can save useful informations for rescue workers (allergy, medication, condition, identity, organ donor, blood type ...) and contact people "in case of emergency".

Thus, with only one click on your screen, send SMS alerts to all your saved contacts and call rescue workers immediately ! Your contacts will know where you are and will be able to help you !

Place a widget on your homescreen to alert your circle of contacts (compatible with alternative lockscreens like ScreenLocker).

This application was developped from the advice of an EMT.

List of permissions :
- Send SMS to contact your saved contacts when you need it
- Access your contact list to choose contacts
- Get GPS coordinates to help your saved contacts to find you in case of emergency

Private informations saved in your application belong exclusively to you and are only accessible by you on your Androphone.

If you have any notes (like spelling...), please contact me by mail. Thanks

This version is limited at 2 contacts. Please buy "ICE - Emergency Contacts +" to have an infinity of contacts.

Иконка для 40+ Binaurals! | AmbiScience™ 1.4

40+ Binaurals! | AmbiScience™ (v. 1.4)

Tesla Software, LLC опубликовал приложение 2011-06-27
(обновлено 2015-04-24)

"...simply the best white noise, sleep, meditative, relaxation, therapy brainwave tool on the market!"

** The Best Selling Line of Brainwave Apps - Since 2008. **
"...worthwhile set of apps for both Android and Apple" - NY Times

*** NOTE: This app will check phone status so not to interrupt incoming calls. This does not alter or interfere with your device.

ATTENTION DUAL-CORE USERS (GOOGLE STAGEFRIGHT): There are issues with some phones concerning the use of their dual-core processors which effect the audio looping - causing hiccups and skips in our audio. This a known problem with some phones in the Motorola line and possibly others. If you have an issue, EMAIL US and we'll refund your purchase. Here is info on the bug: http://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=18756


Check out our other apps! Type 'AmbiScience' or 'Tesla Software' in search today - we are on iTunes too!

Natural Medicine DOCTOR REVIEW:
"...using these superb Binaural beat compilations it is possible to discern a definite increase in Serotonin and Gaba & 5HTP levels."

Let AmbiScience™ take you on a sonic journey with a combination of ambient electronica and a variety of over 100+ effective programs that attune your brain to desired states of mind using the BEST entrainment frequencies. Tune your mind to help you with healing, sleep or focus.


AmbiScience™ is a ONE-OF-A-KIND* ambient Music and Brainwave Entrainment app. The only app which includes Isochronic (1 Sleep Program) and Binaural entrainment in ONE and with UNPARALLELED ambient music.

FEATURES (OVER 60+ Tracks, Effects and Sounds!)::

- 12 LONG Professional Ambient Tracks
  ALL created by Award Winning SoundPersuader
  ALL TRACKS are several minutes in length
• 10 Nature Sound Tracks
• 3 Noise Tracks
• 43 Entrainment Tracks:
• Create your own CUSTOM programs
• Layer HUNDREDS of combinations!
• MULTITASKING audio available!
• PERFECT Seamless Loops
• Full-Featured presets
• Countdown timer with fader
• Countdown end chime
• Alarm (wake to your favorite tracks)
• Snooze option for Alarm
• Auto Quit/Exit feature
• Adjustable independent volumes
• The smallest available files
• Highest quality audio
• Easy to use interface
• Easy Instructions
• Free Updates


- 43 Entrainment Programs!
• 1 Sleep Program Isochronic (without headphones)
• ALL the following selections are Binaural Entrainment:

Anger Management
Chronic Fatigue
Decision Making
Fear Reduction
Headache Relief
Learning Retention
Mood Lifter
Nasal Passages
Pain Relief
Problem Solving
Sinus Congestion

• Isochronic - headphones not required.
• Binaural - requires headphones.


- 12 LONG BEAUTIFUL Ambient Tracks:
• Subterranean Urge
• Entrance to Memory
• Hide and Seek
• Escher's Move
• Touch and Go
• The Vega Pulsar
• Tribal Crossing
• The Micro Builders
• The Wishing Well
• Didgeridoo Dancers
• Temple of Neptune
• The Bells of Raw


• Brown
• White (via presets)
• Pink (via presets)


• Just the Rain (also in presets)
• Just the Waves (also in presets)

ADDITIONAL 8 NATURE SOUNDS (via presets page):

• Stream
• Birds
• Chimes
• Night
• Waterfall
• Thunder
• Wind
• OceanSurf 3D


Go to teslasoftware.com for a VIDEO tutorial.
Follow us at http://twitter.com/TeslaSoft

*** If you are having ANY issues DOWNLOADING, UPDATING or PERFORMANCE with this software, please contact us (teslasoftware@yahoo.com).

Иконка для Diabetes Diary Lite 1.0.4

Diabetes Diary Lite (v. 1.0.4)

Hideki Ogawa опубликовал приложение 2013-01-17
(обновлено 2015-04-22)

This application is a tool to simplify the management of blood glucose.
Data created in this application, by transfer to a PC, can also be a table or graph using Excel.

This app allows you to view all information on one screen, and to be able to check blood sugar levels at a glance.

- The amount of insulin, medication, weight, etc. If you want the management of notes, "Diabetes Diary", please use. You can import data from "Diabetes Diary Lite".


- Before breakfast, after breakfast, before lunch, after lunch, before dinner, after dinner and before bedtime, you can record seven times a day.
- Data input is easy with the keypad.
- On one screen, the latest measurement and evaluation, chart, list all of the data is displayed.
- Up to chart allows you to view one year.
- Data can be displayed to the specified graph.

How to use

- Press the Enter button and enter the measurement time and measurement. That's it.

- If you select a button to display the measurement time display, you can specify the data to the chart display.
- Tap to display the data in lists, the white line drawn on the graph at the appropriate date.
- Tap and long lists of data, you can delete the data.
- Press to delete all data, press the Menu button, you can initialize the data.
- Press the menu button and press export, the data in CSV format (Comma Separated Values) is stored on the SD card. CSV files can be edited in Excel and copied to the PC.

- export destination, "sdcard / DIABETESLITE / LXXXXXXXX.csv" is.

Иконка для 6-Min Walk Test 3.01

6-Min Walk Test (v. 3.01)

Stefano Picciolo опубликовал приложение 2013-01-09
(обновлено 2015-04-08)

Doctors, physiotherapists, technicians and everyone who administers the 6-minute walk test, requires:
- Patient's form and pen
- Stopwatch
- Lap meter
- Borg scale
- Calculator or spreadsheet (to calculate predicted distance)
- Computer to save the results
This application meets all these requirements, making it very convenient and fast execution of the test.

Features of this app:
- Predicted distance calculation
- Borg scale, SpO2 and HR annotation
- Chronometer, lap meter, speed graph
- Results sharing and archiving to sdcard (you can send them to Dropbox, Cloud Print, Gmail or any other installed app)

Six-Minute Walk Test is a widespread pratical simple test for the objective evaluation of functional exercise capacity. This test measures the distance that a patient can quickly walk on a flat, hard surface in a period of 6 minutes. Its indications are pulmonary rehabilitation evaluation, pretreatment and posttreatment comparisons, measure of functional status in diseases like COPD, heart failure, pulmonary hypertension, and others.

Иконка для Rx 4 Less 1.5.5

Rx 4 Less (v. 1.5.5)

InstanceOne опубликовал приложение 2011-06-16
(обновлено 2015-03-23)

Rx 4 Less is a free electronic prescription drug discount card offering savings of 10-95% at over 54,000 pharmacies nationwide.

No health insurance? High co-pay? Prescription not covered?

No problem!

  * Can be used by the entire family and shared with anyone.

  * Save 10-95% on brand name and generic drugs not covered by insurance.

  * No expiration, registration or activation. Simply show at pharmacy and save!
  * Search drug prices at multiple pharmacies!

  * Search function to quickly find participating pharmacies.

  * Bookmark frequently used pharmacies to 'My Pharmacies'

  * Call, Map, or Navigate to pharmacies with one click on your mobile phone!

  * Can be used by pharmacists and pharmacy staff to help uninsured/underinsured customers.
  * Can be used for discounts on pet prescriptions filled at the pharmacy.

Rx 4 Less is accepted at most major pharmacies including Wal-Mart, Rite Aid, Kroger, Target, CVS, Kmart, Kroger, Safeway, Walgreens and thousands more.


Rx 4 Less requires the following permissions:


Rx 4 Less uses Internet Access for the "Pharmacy Search" feature. This allows us to minimize the size of the app, as well as keep our participating pharmacies database up to date without requiring users to upgrade or store a 12 megabyte database on their phone.

We also use internet access for error reporting so we can identify and fix bugs as quickly as possible.

We do not collect, store, or in any way use personally identifiable information about our users. We respect your privacy.


Rx 4 Less allows you to share a printable PDF version of the discount card with friends and family by email. In order to do so, the PDF must be saved to your phone's SD Card. Rx 4 Less does not read or modify the SD Card in any other way.

Иконка для Heart ECG Handbook - Full 4.2

Heart ECG Handbook - Full (v. 4.2)

nP опубликовал приложение 2012-12-20
(обновлено 2015-03-04)

Note: Video extension is NOT INCLUDED in this version to keep a low price app!
If you will decide to purchase it, you can do that with in-app purchase within the app.
See bottom to more informations!

Being able to read an ECG is a prerequisite for every good medical doctor and now even common people can learn to do it thanks to Heart ECG Handbook. Your Android has just become an ECG reader!

App makes available 31 different physiologic/pathologic ECG - the most common -  to make you study and understand them.
Each one  includes a short description (with some clinical note), heart frequency and an excellent drang&drop image of the ECG to learn the basis of cardiology.

Moreover, to test your knowledge, App includes an interactive quiz collection to check your progress and give you the opportunity to improve!

Heart ECG Handbook is the personal trainer for ECG's reader!
Differently from the Lite Version (that allows a *limited number* of ECG availables), the Full one allows an all 31 different ECG availables!

In this version you will *purchase*, if you will be interested, *Video extension*.
What does it mean?
To keep a low price of the app you can decide, if you will interested, to purchase *separately* Video extension to use ECG Animation to learn to recognize them directly by ECG and by sound!

Note: this App doesn’t claim to be a medical application.

Иконка для PedIADE 1.5.2

PedIADE (v. 1.5.2)

IADE Dev опубликовал приложение 2012-12-16
(обновлено 2015-02-26)

Application professionnelle destinée aux Infirmiers, Infirmiers Anesthésistes IADE, Internes en Anesthésie et Médecins Anesthésistes Réanimateurs.
Cette application permet de calculer facilement:
# Le poids de l'enfant en fonction de son age.
# La taille de la sonde d'intubation,Masque Laryngé , Lame de laryngoscope et de la sonde d'aspiration en fonction du poids.
# Le remplissage vasculaire
# les doses d'induction
# Les pertes sanguines admissibles
# Les fractions expirées d'halogénés

Récapitulatif du remplissage vasculaire en pédiatrie au bloc opératoire.
Constantes chez l'enfant( FC et FR).
Pa en fonction de l'âge.
Posologies en Pédiatrie.
Calcul de doses en 1 clic
Antibioprophylaxie en fonction de la chirurgie.

Cette application est disponible pour plus de 3959 appareils

V 1.0.1 Ajout d'un tableau sur les tailles de sonde d'intubation.
V 1.0.2 Ajout du tableau des halogénés chez l'enfant.
V 1.0.3 Ajout du tableau des constantes chez l'enfant( FC et FR).
V 1.0.4 Ajout des dilutions en pédiatrie
V 1.0.6 Changement du mode d'affichage, Ajout d'un bouton pour quitter l'application.
V 1.0.8 PA en fonction de l'age
V 1.0.9 Posologies en Pédiatrie
V 1.1.0 Masse et pertes sanguines
V 1.1.2 Le bouton Vote devient PLUS
V 1.1.3 Changement du texte préformaté pour l'envoi de Mail ou de partage de l'application
V 1.1.4 Ajout du bouton "Calcul en un 1 Clic" ( permet de calculer en un clic les différentes doses en pédiatrie en fonctions du poids) Hypnotiques, Curares..
V 1.1.7 Correction du paracétamol dans la fiche Calcul de doses en 1 clic
V 1.1.9 Bouton A propos du calcul sur la page "Masse sanguine" et un bouton "Info" sur la page " Calcul en 1 Clic"
V 1.2.0 Dans "Calcul en 1 Clic" rajout des ATB et les doses Maximales d'anesthésisques locaux .
V 1.2.1 Ajout d'un utilitaire de calcul du remplissage vasculaire
V 1.2.2 Changement du mode de calcul des Sondes d'intubations et rajout du calcul des Masques laryngés en fonction du poids
V 1.2.4 Le bouton Tableau IOT devient Intubation et intégration d'une video Sur l'intubation pédiatrique
V 1.2.6 Changement dans l'interface d'accueil et Affinage du résultat des Sondes D'intubation en fonction du poids, refonte de la page " Masse et pertes sanguines"
V 1.2.8 Ajout du bouton "A Lire" contenant les avertissements et mises en garde
V 1.2.9 Correction de la page d'avertissements
V 1.3.0 "affinage des tranches de poids pour le calcul de la taille des sondes d'intubation.
V 1.3.1 Calculateur des fractions expirées d'halogénés en fonction de l'âge pour une MAC Chirurgicale à 1,2.
V 1.3.2 Report automatique du poids approximatif dans le champ de calcul de la taille de la sonde d'intubation et du ML
V 1.3.3 Le calcul approximatif du poids en fonction de l'age est désormais possible avec l'age en Mois ou en Années.
Le poids approximatif est automatiquement reporté dans le Champ "poids de l'enfant"
La taille de l'IOT et du ML sont calculées automatiquement
V 1.3.4 Possibilité d'ouvrir les autres applications à partir de l'application
V 1.3.5 Antibioprophylaxie pour la pédiatrie.
V 1.3.8 Intégration dans la page masse et pertes sanguines du calculateur des pertes sanguines maximales admissibles( PSMA) avec comme variables le poids , l'hématocrite initiale et l'hématocrite acceptable ( variant en fonction du poids).
V 1.3.9 Correction d'un bug graphique sur les grands écrans
V 1.4.1 Correction d'un bug pour les ages > 36mois
V 1.4.3 Optimisation du poids de l'application  
V 1.4.4 Intégration dans le calcul des dispositifs de prise en charge des voies aériennes supérieures des lames de laryngoscope (calculées en fonction du poids)
V 1.4.5 Amélioration de la page du remplissage vasculaire
V 1.4.6 La taille des sondes d'aspiration fait parti de l'utilitaire de calcul de matériel en fonction de l'âge ou du poids
V 1.4.7 Posologie de l'éphédrine en pédiatrie dans calcul en 1 clic
V 1.4.8 Dans calcul en 1 clic Intégration de variables de poids pour les ATB

Иконка для Contraction Timer

Contraction Timer (v.

Ian Lake опубликовал приложение 2012-12-16
(обновлено 2015-02-26)

Contraction Timer allows you to track the start and stop of your contractions and automatically calculates their duration and frequency.

Feature list:
- Easy starting and stopping of contraction timer with visual indicator
- Live duration timer during a contraction
- Automatically saves your information - will continue to time contractions if you open another application with no battery consumption
- Automatically calculates contraction duration and start to start contraction frequency over last hour
- Provides average duration and frequency over a controllable time frame from 30 minutes to all contractions
- Ability to manually add contractions
- Can edit times of existing contractions
- Ability to add notes to individual contractions via long click menu
- Ability to delete individual contractions via long click menu, recalculating frequency as needed
- For Android 3.0+ devices includes Contextual Action Bar, allowing multiple contractions to be deleted.
- Easy reset functionality to clear all contractions
- Share average duration/frequency via Twitter, Gmail, Google+ and many other applications (note that the Facebook application does not support sharing anything but links)
- Share all contraction data via email
- Option to keep screen on when application is open
- Option to lock screen in portrait orientation
- Contraction Toggle homescreen widget (1x1) to easily start and stop contractions with either a light or dark background
- Contraction Controls homescreen widget (4x1) to allow quick launching of the application, view the last hour's average duration and start to start freqency, and start/stop contractions with either a light or dark background
- Contraction Detail home screen and lock screen widget (4x2+) for Android 3.0+ devices gives all functionality of Contraction Controls widget plus a resizeable view of your latest contractions.
- Supports 'move to SD card' functionality
- Supports all Android 2.1+ devices, including tablets and Ice Cream Sandwich devices
- No Ads, all functionality unlocked without additional purchases

NOTE: Due to a limitation in Android, homescreen widgets cannot be used when the application is moved to the SD card. Please move the application to internal storage if you wish to use the homescreen widgets!

Note: Internet permission is used for Google Analytics collection, which has been made fully anonymous and sends no details about you or your device. Can be disabled completely in Settings.

Please rate or donate (via Menu->Donate) via Paypal or Google In App Billing if you like what you see!

Connect with other users on our Google+ page: https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/117146023144055713672/117146023144055713672/

For issues or more information:

Иконка для eGFR (CDK-EPI,MDRD,Schwartz) 13.3.2

eGFR (CDK-EPI,MDRD,Schwartz) (v. 13.3.2)

SSC-medLAB опубликовал приложение 2012-12-12
(обновлено 2015-02-19)

Graphical representation of protein profiles in urine.
Calculates estimated GFR. Choose from the following formulas:

- Schwartz

The units may be in the SI or US / UK units set in Preferences.

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