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3D LIKE VIEW: Muscle & Skeletal Anatomy true guide to visually insightful information on over 100+ muscle & skeletal body parts! Most detailed visual insight on that one should keep as a quick pocket reference any place anytime!

Muscle & Skeletal Anatomy provides STEP by STEP details on over 100+ muscle & skeletal body parts that are primarily distributed in one of the below key categories:

* Abdominal Muscles
* Arm Muscles
* Back Muscles
* Calf Muscles
* Chest Muscles
* Forearm Muscles
* Gluteus Muscles
* Head Muscles
* Leg Muscles
* Neck Muscles
* Shoulder Muscles
* Chest Skeletal Parts
* Foot Skeletal Parts
* Hand Skeletal Parts
* Head Skeletal Parts
* Leg Skeletal Parts
* Pelvis Skeletal Parts
* Spine Skeletal Parts

100+ topics related muscle & skeletal anatomy with instructions and photo. A noteworthy application to have in your collection of must have apps! Professionally made content, photo and convenient grouping of poses according to their level and type!

· Graphics/Visuals
· 100+ Points (topmost upgrade level)
· Detailed Description of each graphics with tips
· Track Your Done/Todo/Favourite/Not Done Topics
· Browse by various creative Categories
· Audio feature
· Different font sizes

· Most Popular Ones
· Pick of the Moment
· Share on Facebook, Twitter, Email & more!

Please use your discrete judgement in trying the points out as per tips and description. We are here to help and are NOT responsible for you getting impacted at any level due to this app. Use it as your guide. We can not answer questions in the review section. For support or questions, please use the send feedback button in the app or email us at info@appswami.com


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[2012-02-16] Amanda:
This is NOTHING like described. A complete waste of money, not even worth downloading for free.
[2012-02-15] Kara:
Not as described. Also intrusive asking for too much personal info. Password to access the app. Refund please.
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