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Electronic-media technology has now made it possible for NRA E-Media to bring back the hot-selling Ultimate Gun Guide, the most ambitious guidebook to contemporary guns ever produced at the time of its original publication in 2008. Now available in a hard-working, easy-to-use app, this new Guide won’t have the constraints of limited pages, and so we are making it bigger and better than ever.

Right off the bat you will find performance profiles and specs of more than 600 recently introduced and current-production rifles, pistols and shotguns, and we will be adding new ones constantly.

For anyone considering the purchase of a new gun—and especially a first gun—the Ultimate Gun Guide is an incredibly useful resource that provides instant comparison shopping of all leading models within every possible category. With the Guide’s advanced search capability you can focus your inquiry on price, size/weight, magazine capacity, and other key features. Because we can constantly update all of this important info, this e-media work will never become outdated like a printed publication.

With the instant-update capability of this new medium, our goal is to hit 1,000 guns by the end of 2012, and continue from there. Before long we plan to include shooting-instruction videos, tips for buying used firearms, and much more. App owners will get great value as this product grows and improves with each upgrade.

You wanted more guns. You wanted a resource to help you compare and evaluate all of the great new guns emerging in today’s marketplace. Well here it is, at your fingertips, available anywhere you can connect to the web or use a mobile device.

Welcome to the new NRA Ultimate Gun Guide.


Категория: Стиль жизни
Закачек: 500-1000
Размер: 19.7 MB
Опубликовано: 2013-01-31
Обновлено: 2013-01-31

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Комментарии и оценки пользователей для NRA Gun Guide

[2012-10-16] Danniel:
Needs more support Does not work on my Samsung galaxy S3. The program opens but nothing happens...
[2012-10-16] Josh:
Add more firearms!!!! Missing lots and lots.......not even a desert eagle???? Or glock 19??? Very very common firearms....step your game up or make it free.
[2012-10-16] Mike:
Doesn't work Opens to home screen and that's it.
[2012-10-15] Tony:
Doesn't work This app will only open to the home screen and won't work from there on Samsung Galaxy SII Skyrocket. Will redo my rate once fixed. Until then bad rating.
[2012-10-15] Domenic:
Wrong picture for G17 What's the point if you can't rely on the information?
[2012-10-15] iman1120:
Doesn't work on Galaxy SIII I can open it and close it but nothing else
[2012-10-14] Robert:
Great Gun Guide I love it. Works great on my Droid 4. If you download it, be sure to check out the menu and update from there. It will update the gun list database. Enjoy.
[2012-10-14] Gregory:
Meh... Doesn't do much. Boring
[2012-10-14] Trevor:
Okay Decent app when it opens would like to see older guns as well with used pricing based on condition.
[2012-10-14] T:
Bad app This app only opens to the main page on the Samsung SIII.. How do simple things like this not get mapped out b4 they're for sale..
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