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Иконка для Tiny Clock Widget 2 1.0.1

Tiny Clock Widget 2 (v. 1.0.1)

mt опубликовал приложение 2010-02-10
(обновлено 2010-02-10)

Tiny Clock Widget is very simple analog clock.

1.0.1: Improve internal processing.

Иконка для Newborn 1.0

Newborn (v. 1.0)

ladida опубликовал приложение 2010-02-10
(обновлено 2010-02-10)

Newborn helps you keep to the schedule set for feeding your baby.

When breast-feeding, Newborn helps you keep track of time and which side you breast fed from last. Bottle-feeding mode is also available.

Newborn clearly shows how long since your baby had milk, what time that was and when the next time will be.

Иконка для Epitome of Beer 1.1

Epitome of Beer (v. 1.1)

Epitome Gourmet опубликовал приложение 2010-02-10
(обновлено 2010-02-10)

Epitome of Beer summarizes the beer making process, the history of modern beer, and interesting aspects of the major beer styles.  Perhaps the most fabulous part of the app is the list of outstanding foreign and domestic producers for each style.  
Think of it as Cliff’s notes for beer.
NOTE: not compatible with QVGA screen

Иконка для Original Hebrew Of A Portion 1.0

Original Hebrew Of A Portion (v. 1.0)

Apps Publisher опубликовал приложение 2010-02-10
(обновлено 2010-02-10)

Original Hebrew of a Portion of Ecclesiasticus by A.E. Cowley and A. Neubauer. "This is a scholarly monograph from the late 19th century on one of the Jewish non-canonical Biblical books, Sirach, also known as 'Ecclesiasticus,' not to be confused with the canonical book Ecclesiastes.

Иконка для Life Without Principle 1.0

Life Without Principle (v. 1.0)

Apps Publisher опубликовал приложение 2010-02-10
(обновлено 2010-02-10)

Life Without Principle is an essay by Henry David Thoreau that gives his program for right livelihood.Don't make religions and other such institutions the sort of intellectual comfort zone that prevents you from entertaining ideas that aren't to be found there.

Иконка для Twelve Reflections Or Bhavnas 1.0

Twelve Reflections Or Bhavnas (v. 1.0)

Apps Publisher опубликовал приложение 2010-02-10
(обновлено 2010-02-10)

Twelve Reflections or Bhavnas by Pravin K. Shah.
The twelve Bhavnas described here are the subject matters of one's meditation, and how to occupy one's mind with useful, religious, beneficial, peaceful, harmless, spiritually advancing, Karma preventing thoughts. They cover a wide field of teachings of Jainism.

Иконка для PackRat 1.2.7

PackRat (v. 1.2.7)

Jens Finkhäuser опубликовал приложение 2010-02-03
(обновлено 2012-06-12)

PackRat is a media collection manager app for Android.

Add books, CDs, games, movies, etc. to your collection by scanning their barcode and organize them onto shelves.

You can let PackRat organize your items into smart shelves, or manually stack items onto shelves of your own creation.

See: http://bit.ly/android-packrat

Иконка для Awesome Dogs 1.10

Awesome Dogs (v. 1.10)

KingKang Labs опубликовал приложение 2010-02-03
(обновлено 2014-04-16)

Top dogs of the world with clear pictures and important information such as their temperament, history,originates.

What's new in 1.01
* fix white screen bug.

Иконка для Clockoid 1.0.7

Clockoid (v. 1.0.7)

sato_c опубликовал приложение 2010-02-03
(обновлено 2011-01-25)

This is a Digital clock.

You can set the wallpaper you like, you can change the color of the digit characters.

Please use the running while charging as much as possible because they do not sleep.

Иконка для Receptenkiezer 1.6

Receptenkiezer (v. 1.6)

Site2b опубликовал приложение 2010-02-03
(обновлено 2011-01-20)

ReceptenKiezer.nl: Elke dag een heerlijk recept inclusief bereidingswijze & ingrediëntenlijst. Weet je niet wat je wil eten? Gebruik de receptenkiezer.

Komende release:
* toevoegen zoekfunctie
* blader functie vorige dagen
* beoordelen recepten

UPDATE v1.5:
* groter lettertype
* automatisch elke dag nieuw recept

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