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Иконка для Krw test app 15.9

Krw test app (v. 15.9)

krw prod опубликовал приложение 2012-12-22
(обновлено 2012-12-22)

This is a test app

Иконка для BN Pro Solid Battery-White 1.2

BN Pro Solid Battery-White (v. 1.2)

Shkil/larryvgs опубликовал приложение 2012-12-21
(обновлено 2012-12-21)

This is a MD (medium-density) add-on package for Battery Notifier Pro BT 1.3.6 or higher.  https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.larryvgs.batterypro

(Requires Battery Notifier Pro BT 1.3.6 or higher to run.)

For users who prefer a traditional solid battery icon with white text.

Black text is also available.  (See below.)

The color of the battery at various charge levels is fixed and is based on the battery charge level percentage left.
Green: 100-51, Blue: 50-31, Orange: 30-14, Red: 15-0

NOTE: These icons CAN NOT be used with the custom blue, orange and red text color level options in Battery Notifier Pro BT.

NOTE: In Android 3.x/4.x and above, there is "automatic shrinking and dimming" for status bar notifications.  For more information, see

For Android 3.x/4.x users who wish to have the brightest colors possible on their dimmed status bars, look for our HD add-ons with “b” after the font name.  Download HD add-ons within Battery Notifier Pro BT or search for "bnbt" in your browser at Google Play.

15 HD (higher-density) add-ons:

Official Android Colors
(Best on Android 2.3.x with non-dimmed status bars)
(Can be used with custom color level option)
BN Pro Roboto HD text (Default font included beginning with v2.0.1)
BN Pro RobotoXL HD text
BN Pro Play HD text
BN Pro MingLiU HD text
BN Pro LcdD HD text
BN Pro ArialXL HD text

Brighter Android Colors
(For Android 3.x/4.x users with dimmed status bars who want the brightest color possible)
(Can be used with custom color level option)
BN Pro Roboto-b HD text
BN Pro RobotoXL-b HD text
BN Pro Play-b HD text
BN Pro MingLiU-b HD text
BN Pro LcdD-b HD text
BN Pro ArialXL-b HD text (Default font included beginning with v2.0.1)

BN Pro BlueICS HD text
(Best on Android 2.3.x with non-dimmed status bars)

BN Pro BlueICS-b HD text
(For Android 3.x/4.x users with dimmed status bars who want the brightest color possible)

BN Pro White HD text
(White on Android 2.3.x but will appear as gray on Android 3.x/4.x status bars)

13 MD (medium-density) add-ons:

BN Pro Solid Battery-White
Multi-colored solid battery w/white text (No border)
BN Pro Solid Battery-Black
Multi-colored solid battery w/black text (Black border)
BN Pro Battery Level-White
Multi-colored battery level w/white text (Black border)
BN Pro Battery Level-WhiteB
Multi-colored battery level w/white text B (Colored border)
BN Pro Battery Level-Black
Multi-colored battery level w/black text (Colored border)
BN Pro Battery Level Icons
Solid multi-colored battery no text (Black and colored borders)
(4 sets - 2 vertical and 2 horizontal for black or white status bars)

BN Pro Black Text Icons
BN Pro Black Text On White
BN Pro White Text Icons
BN Pro White Text On Black

(Medium-density add-ons below can be used with custom color level option)
Arial Legacy Text
ArialXL Legacy Text
LcdD Legacy Text


Иконка для How to make an android app 1.0

How to make an android app (v. 1.0)

MySoftware mobile apps опубликовал приложение 2012-12-21
(обновлено 2012-12-21)

How to make an android app shows you how you can make an android application in a few simple steps. Download today and become a professional developer for the android platform!

MySoftware mobile apps 2011

How, to, how-to, how to, android application, make, create, design, app, android app

Иконка для Sexy Korean Girls(Puzzle) 1.3

Sexy Korean Girls(Puzzle) (v. 1.3)

Carol Su опубликовал приложение 2012-12-20
(обновлено 2012-12-20)

Beautiful Sexy Korean girl Puzzle !Hundreds of beautiful  HD Wallpaper, and constantly update and add a good photo,You can also view photos offline!

Keywords: sexy ,sexy ladies, beauty girl, beautiful, sexy woman, model,Asian (female), (Spice Girls), large breasts, big ass girls, beautiful mini skirts, stockings legs , extrusion, hot body, model galleries, sexy idol in Asia's top models, fashion, girl! Sexy, cute, clean, underwear, socks, breast, chest, nails, legs, bikini, swimwear, uniforms, hot springs, non-mainstream, models, stars, AV actress ...

This app is mature only for 18+ viewing!
No nude,No porn, No erotic , Just Sexy Girls!

Иконка для 美女图库 3.2

美女图库 (v. 3.2)

BangJie Studio опубликовал приложение 2012-12-07
(обновлено 2012-12-07)

    美女图库是目前android平台上最给力的美女图片软件。 本软件共有中国、日韩、欧美、模特、摄影、动漫等6个大分类, 每个分类下对应相关类型的美女图片。上千张美女壁纸任你选择!



Иконка для あっちい 1.3

あっちい (v. 1.3)

Atsushi Yamamoto опубликовал приложение 2012-12-07
(обновлено 2012-12-07)


Иконка для Payment Module 1.1.0

Payment Module (v. 1.1.0)

Rhythm Software опубликовал приложение 2012-12-05
(обновлено 2012-12-05)


This is payment module ONLY for applications published by Rhythm Software.

You can uninstall this module freely after donation.

* Use Android Market In-app Billing service to offer payment support, which is secure and official supported by Google.
* Help to reactivate application when reinstall or phone reset.

Thanks for purchase!

Иконка для CatLiveWallPaper2 1.0

CatLiveWallPaper2 (v. 1.0)

kakueki61 опубликовал приложение 2012-12-05
(обновлено 2012-12-05)


Иконка для GriffinArtworks 1.0

GriffinArtworks (v. 1.0)

GriffinArtwork опубликовал приложение 2012-12-05
(обновлено 2012-12-05)

The GriffinArtworks mobile portfolio. A riotous explosion of web and app design.
GriffinArtworks is an innovative emporium of distinctive design.  We develop gorgeous and fun design for our clients, whether as mobile apps or on the web.
This app is a developing portfolio of our mobile work so far.  We hope you enjoy and are entertained by it.

While we welcome comments please keep in mind that this is an app mainly aimed out our clients and prospective clients.      Of course, if you are simply interested in unique design, then please feel free to download our app and enjoy!

Иконка для Green Peas 1

Green Peas (v. 1)

Vernon Tay опубликовал приложение 2012-12-05
(обновлено 2012-12-05)


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