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Иконка для Track Calorie 1.0.1

Track Calorie (v. 1.0.1)

jajames опубликовал приложение 2011-01-11
(обновлено 2011-01-11)

Help you lose weight easily! Track your daily calories intake with our comprehensive food journal containing over 625,000 food.
--- Large database of food, restaurant and brand.
--- Customized daily calorie diary
--- Diet calendar check your monthly state

Иконка для BlueLight 1.0

BlueLight (v. 1.0)

Emsation AB опубликовал приложение 2011-01-11
(обновлено 2011-01-11)

BlueLight helps you increase your energy level by simulating the light from the bright summer sky.
Use BlueLight to help against winter blues, morning fatigue and general fatigue.
Studies indicate that light therapy can help against mood disorders, including seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and other depressive disorders.

Иконка для Landmark Trials 1.1.0

Landmark Trials (v. 1.1.0)

JM apps опубликовал приложение 2011-01-11
(обновлено 2011-01-11)

There are many, many clinical trials - and many acronyms. But there are only a few that every medical studnet, resident, registrar and consultant should really know about. This application summarisses some of the pivotal trials in clinical medicine. With time the list of trials will grow.

Иконка для Relaxing massage 1.0.5

Relaxing massage (v. 1.0.5)

Frog pon опубликовал приложение 2011-01-11
(обновлено 2013-12-26)

7 types of massage are available. Please enjoy.

1. bubu-bu.bubu-bu.bubu-bu......

2. bu--bu--bu--bu-........

3. bubububububu.......

4. Europa/Santana

5. Smoke On The Water

6. TOTO/Africa

7. japan Manzai Music

Be sure to stop the vibration, please press the STOP button.
Button does not stop others.

Иконка для Baby Kick Count 1.0.2

Baby Kick Count (v. 1.0.2)

Two App Guys опубликовал приложение 2011-01-11
(обновлено 2011-01-11)

Baby Kick Count makes this fun and simple. Plus it logs your past kicks so that you can share the results with your physician. You can also email the results to yourself or your physician. As an extra fun feature you can set the color of the app based on the baby's sex. Don't know sex? That's fine Select "It's A Surprise!"

Иконка для Astrohindu 1.0

Astrohindu (v. 1.0)

kronarkorp опубликовал приложение 2011-01-10
(обновлено 2011-01-10)

Each week, discover the detailed hindu horoscope of you and your friends.Manage your contacts through a friends list.
You want to know your weekly predictions about love, money, work and health : Do not hesitate to download this funny and relaxing application.

Иконка для MindWave - Binaural beats 1

MindWave - Binaural beats (v. 1)

Red Piston Inc опубликовал приложение 2011-01-10
(обновлено 2011-01-10)

Mind Wave is a unique brain wave application that puts you to a certain state of mind. Was #1 on the iTunes Store.

I have included 17 binaural beats, here is some of the tones:
● Depression help
● Powerful headache treatment
● Happy Boost
●Study Aid
●Sleep Induction
●Creativity Boost
●Weight loss

Иконка для GNM Healthcare 1.01

GNM Healthcare (v. 1.01)

GNM Healthcare Consulting Group опубликовал приложение 2011-01-10
(обновлено 2011-12-22)

GNM Healthcare offers specialists, primary care physicians, and other health professionals, access the most up to date and integrated medical information. After a simple, 1-time, free registration,
GNM Healthcare delivers to you a personalized Med Info Alert that best fits your registration profile.

GNM Healthcare assists you in your professional practice with easy and immediate access to the latest “peer reviewed” scientific/clinical information via a scientific platform in more than 30 therapeutic areas.

GNM Healthcare Consulting Group, LLC, offers a privileged access to the latest data, in original version and in “Full-Text”, focused on your field of expertise.

“To do more and efficiently in the healthcare information arena”! Such is the engagement of GNM Healthcare for the years to come. Our goal is to reinforce our support to the medical community while taking part in its continuing education by the provision of scientific/clinical information in associated pathologies.

We thus hope to contribute to the improvement of patient’s quality of life.

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