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A very effective bodybuilding routine based on 4 different range of weight lifting wich alternates dumbbell with barbell exercises!

A workout plan is like a business plan for a business. It keeps track of where you start, how you can reach your goals, and when you will attain your goals. A three-month plan is one of the most effective ways to keep you accountable and your goals attainable.

The 3 Month Muscle Building Workout Plan is broken down into four-week periods. Each period focuses a specific goal or skill, and you exercise five days a week, 3 days of weight lifting and 2 days of cardio. On the days that you do not work out, perform exercises that help you recover, such as stretching, yoga or postural exercises.

Week 1: Foundation
Week 2: Skill
Week 3: Hypertrophy
Week 4: Strength

This 12-week workout program is designed to provide you with a base level of strength, muscle and fitness that you can then build on with other programs, heavier lifting, or intense sports. This muscle building workout is for late beginners to intermediate bodybuilders who wish to add muscle mass and also add strength, and need a new or different training approach.
This program will get you started safely, and teach you everything you need to know to progress to more challenging workouts.

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[2013-08-20] A Google User:
Love it! Excellent program, and now with basic videos :-)
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