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The travel expenses application helps you to organize and file the expenses you have during a business trip.

You'll also be able to configure your own expense types and their default values.

-Create business trips
-Add expense items to each trip
-Take a photo of the receipt
-Configure your own custom expense types
-Set the default value of any expense type
-Export the details of one or more trips to a CSV file
-Export the details of one or more trips to a OpenDocument text document
-Automatically send the exported files to one or more email addresses
-Backup and restore all data (including images of invoices)
-Easy export of single trips
-Recurring expense items
-Easy delete of old data

Since the first version, the following features have been added.

- Added a new field to indicate the time of trips
- Added recurring expense items: Add several identical expense items to a trip with a few simple clicks.

- Created a new status type for the trips "Ready to export"
- You may export a trip directly from the overview screen
- You may select to insert a page break between each trip when exporting to an OpenDocument file
-Bug fix : If the user tried to do a backup when the database was empty, the app would crash.

Making professional and leisure travel easier!


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[2012-04-10] Friedrich:
Oh, man... ... Just paid again for a half finished expense report app. Why is it so difficult to write a practical and use full business expense report app? The reports of this app are horrible! No nice PDF layout; just some random CSV and OpenDocument (what the heck is this anyways?!?!?) format. There is no option to setup merchants, or a selection for payment type (cash, credit card, check, etc), or a note field when setting up a new record, etc. What is the purpose of setting the time in an expense report... must be European. What I really like is how category's can be set up. Merge this app with about 10 other expense apps out there and you'll get the "perfect" expense report app. LOL - will never happen.
[2011-10-06] Hael:
App does exactly what it should. Simple & easy to use. More and response from developer is top notch!!!
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