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Life is mobile, why isn’t your credit union?

The Legacy Community FCU Android application brings your bank to your mobile phone, allowing you to access your accounts 24/7. The application is free and easy to use!

Download the application onto your device and get easy access to:

- Funds Transfer
- Pending Transactions: approve/cancel Transfers
- Account Listing: view Savings/Checking/Loan Accounts
- Account Statements
- Alert Maintenance
- Account Settings
- Built-in Multi-Factor Authentication
- Branch/ATM finder

Please note: a User ID and password is required to obtain access to Legacy’s mobile banking application. Without a User ID and password, you will be unable to sign in with this application. There is no charge from Legacy Community FCU. Your mobile carrier’s text messaging and web access charges may apply.

For more information, please visit www.legacycreditunion.com


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Обновлено: 2013-01-25

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Комментарии и оценки пользователей для Legacy CFCU

[2012-08-18] A Google User:
Excellent Very useful site
[2012-07-11] A Google User:
Great App This is a great app for me, it's just so very convenient.
[2012-07-01] A Google User:
Beauty Great app but needs special characters. Bank says the app will not call #s so that part is false, good thing.
[2012-06-28] A Google User:
Mike Your coment is uneducated the app has to use your phone to send you alerts if you sign up for alerts this is just telling you your phone can be charged for txt messages
[2012-06-28] A Google User:
Great Love the mobile app. No problems.
[2012-05-09] A Google User:
WTF The update wants to call phone numbers that can cost you money. That's what the permissions say. NO THANKS !!!
[2012-04-13] A Google User:
Great App works flawlessly. Love the alerts.
[2012-03-16] A Google User:
Great App! USER ID IS NOT YOUR ONLINE BANKING ID. You must call a branch to get your NUMERIC userid and password.
[2012-01-16] A Google User:
Awesome App works great. Glad Legacy is bringing this live.
[2012-01-06] A Google User:
I love that I can now view my account information so much faster. You have to contact a branch to get set up to use the app though.
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