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F.R.U. is a quick way to check on the latest performance of the funds in the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) that are a part of the retirement system for U.S. Federal employees. It provides a quick overview of the daily price changes, a quick glance at weekly and monthly performance in both table forms and a price chart (chart view coming in version 1.0).

Note: F.R.U. & Kigra Software are not affliated with nor endorsed by the Federal Retirement Thrift Board or the Thrift Savings Plan.

Please visit http://www.kigrasoft.com/ for additional information or to report any problems.


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Обновлено: 2013-01-27

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Комментарии и оценки пользователей для F.R.U. - TSP Price Tracker

[2012-10-07] James:
Basic and works. That's pretty good these days. Landscape mode would be nice. Keep up the god work.
[2012-07-12] Dr:
Nice tool. More options would be good. Just glad there's an app for the TSP
[2012-06-28] Stephen:
Solid App Daily accurate updates with graphs showing performance over time.
[2012-05-19] Joey:
Great App Thanks! Nothing like this out there for a quick reference to your TSP.
[2012-04-05] Chris:
Good to go I like it quick and easy to read what I need
[2012-03-29] Raynman83:
Good app! Still needs some refinement, but only tsp app out, and is good enough to follow market trends and overall performance...keep up the good work! Version 1.0 should be awesome!
[2012-02-11] osvaldo:
Great app only needs a balance entry to calculate gain and losses.
[2012-02-06] Dallas:
# of shares It would be great if you could add how many shares of each fund you own so you could easily track your gains or losses
[2012-01-15] Maxamoto:
Ignore the last rating Giving an app a bad rating because of no ability to resize fonts is lame. Buy a bigger phone. Sucks your old. This is a great app. Now I can always see how much money I'm losing!
[2011-12-28] Harry:
No font adjustment Please allow there to be larger fonts.
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