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Разработано Jan Moller

BitcoinSpinner is a light-weight, secure, and user friendly Bitcoin wallet for Android.

Feature Overview:
* Send and receive Bitcoins using QR codes.
* One-time wallet backup using a QR-code that can be restored on another Android device.
* All your Bitcoins are protected using private keys stored on your device using app private storage.
* No heavy block chain download, BitcoinSpinner is ready for use immediately.
* Address book
* Transaction history.

BitcoinSpinner is NOT an on-line Bitcoin Bank. Nobody can run away with your Bitcoins. It is implemented on top of the BCCAPI, which means that all the heavy lifting associated with managing the block chain is done by a server. The server side is in no position to spend your Bitcoins, as all private keys are stored on your device. More info on the BCCAPI here:

More features:
  * Open source:
  * Spend 'change-sent-to-yourself' immediately, just like the Satoshi client.
  * Share your Bitcoin address using Gmail, Twitter and more.
  * Automated network fee calculation, guaranteeing that your transactions go through the Bitcoin network.
  * BitcoinSpinner does not download and manage the Bitcoin block chain. This means:
    * Ready for use immediately.
    * Low storage requirements.
    * Low bandwidth requirements.
    * Low CPU requirements.
    * Low battery consumption.

BitcoinSpinner comes in two versions. This is the one for worthless test Bitcoins. If you want to try it out with real production Bitcoins look for BitcoinSpinner without the Testnet suffix.
You can obtain worthless test Bitcoins to play with here:


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Опубликовано: 2013-01-25
Обновлено: 2013-01-25

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[2012-09-01] A Google User:
update for testnet3 I tried to get some testnet coins from the appspot free testnet faucet, but they never arrived, just like every other Android testnet client. Two stars because I didn't have to wait for the blockchain to download to find out my coins are lost. If you upgrade to the latest from gavinandresen's bitcoin-git master branch (assuming you have a regular bitcoin client on your own server somewhere to facilitate this client), you should be compatible with the latest "testnet3" which are mostly configured to refuse communication with older clients at this point. Please do this and I will update my review!
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